You Long Sui Yue by Er Ya

“Hello.” Zhao Pu rubbed against him. “What dream did you have?”? Break out in a cold sweat? Gongsun touched his forehead and temples. Sure enough, he had some sweat. He shook his head helplessly and said, “I don’t know. I don’t remember much.” With these words, he stood up and walked to the edge of the pool, reaching out and scooping up a handful of pool water to wash his face. Zhao Pu followed him and said, “Oh, don’t wash with cold water. Don’t catch cold.” Gongsun shook his head. “It’s all right.” A handful of cold water poured on his face, Gongsun felt a little more comfortable, staring at the water in a daze, trance, seems to see the pool. There’s something white. Gongsun frowned slightly and wanted to go over and have a look. The surface of the water is dark, but in this darkness, there seems to be a little white. It’s coming up slowly. Gongsun opened his eyes wide and stared at the white spot, looking silly. At this time, Zhanzhao also woke up and asked Zhao Pu, “What’s wrong?” Zhao Pu looked back and shrugged his shoulders. “It’s all right. The bookworm had a nightmare.” Before I finished speaking, I suddenly felt empty beside me. As soon as Zhao Pu looked back, he saw Gongsun plunge into the pool. A nerd! Zhao Pu was frightened and reached out to grab a handful, but he only grabbed the corner of his clothes. He didn’t care much and jumped to catch up with him. Into the pool, Zhao Pu originally thought that the water is nothing, his internal force is deep, the big deal is to grab Gongsun with Qinggong and then jump up. It’s a pity. As soon as he got into the water, he felt that the current in the pool seemed to be particularly fast, and the whirlpool was swept in at once. The only thing to be thankful for was that he felt that he had grabbed Gongsun’s arm. Zhao Pu held his breath to protect his heart, pulled his hand back, pulled Gongsun back and hugged him in his arms, and along the current, they were rolled into the bottom of the dark pool. The essence is shameless! “Wang Ye!” Ochre shadow jumped directly from the tree into the water, purple shadow also wanted to jump, was caught by the shadow, “I go!” Say that finish, also jumped in. The fourth son was frightened to wake up and got up in a daze and asked, “Dad?” Zhanzhao grabbed Liu Erhu. “Where is Shuitan?” “Uh, Black Bear Mountain!” Liu Erhu is also a little confused. I’ll go. You wait here. Bai Yutang came up and lifted Liu Erhu’s collar, threw it up, threw Liu Erhu directly to the top of the mountain, and jumped up himself. Ah Liu Erhu was so surprised that he cried out. He felt his feet flying in the air and his ears whirring. He flew directly up the cliff and was about to fall down and be killed. Bai Yutang, who was following him, caught him and asked, “Which way?” “Uh..” Over there Liu Erhu, still in shock, stretched out his hand and pointed to the western hillside. Without saying a word, Bai Yutang kicked Liu Erhu down the hill. Oh, my god Liu Erhu shouted and fell down, and Bai Yutang chased him down. Zhanzhao also wanted to go, but as soon as he thought that Gongsun might be rescued for a while, he had to wait in place, just now the shadow seemed to be able to swim. The purple shadow could not wait, and followed Bai Yutang to the mouth of the Black Bear Mountain. Exhibition. The fourth son got up, plastic pallet containers ,collapsible pallet box, looked around, and asked, “Where is Daddy?” Seeing the fear on his face, Zhanzhao reached out to pick him up and said, “It’s all right. Your father has something to do and will be back soon.” “Well..” Small four son hugged Zhanzhao, still a little confused, with a pair of big eyes looking for Gongsun everywhere. Dai Ying stood on the shore staring at the pool, frowning. This pool of water has a problem, otherwise how can a big living person fall in well, Zhao Pu Kung Fu is so good, unexpectedly can not come up! As she watched, she suddenly saw something in the water, white, a little bit, slowly floating up. Standing aside, Zhanzhao suddenly saw Dai Ying staring at the water in a daze. Then he leaned forward a little bit. Seeing that he was about to plunge headlong into it, Zhan Zhao, with quick eyes and quick hands, stepped forward and grabbed Dai Ying. Dai Ying suddenly woke up with a start. Xiao Sizi also stretched out his little hand and patted Dai Ying’s stiff face and asked, “Sister, what’s wrong with you?” Dai Ying came to her senses and turned to look at Zhanzhao. Zhan Zhao frowned. Dai Ying’s condition seemed to be the same as that of Gongsun just now. She also fell into the water for no reason. She asked, “What’s wrong?” Dai Ying took two breaths and frowned. “I just saw.” With these words, she turned and pointed to the surface of the water. But the surface of the water is empty, there is nothing, where is the white spot. “How did this happen?!” Dai Ying’s face was at a loss, and his head suddenly flashed the legends of ghosts and gods that Liu Erhu had said before. Although Dai Ying has been trained by Ying Wei since she was a child, she has experienced hundreds of battles, and she has never seen anything, and she has done a lot of murder and arson, but when she thinks of the situation just now, she still can’t help but feel cold on her back. It’s too evil. Is there really a ghost?! What do you see? Zhanzhao asked anxiously. A white shadow. Dai Ying said, “One in the water, slowly floating up, I looked carefully for a while, the body is out of control, the head is a little confused.” “A white shadow?” Zhan Zhao frowned and whispered, “Is it really strange.” Stop looking at the surface of the water, there must be something wrong under the water! Dai Ying nodded and waited anxiously on the shore, but never dared to look at the water again. Little four son vaguely seemed to know something, looked at the dark pool, hugged Zhanzhao and blinked, as if he was going to cry, and asked, “Zhanzhan, where is Dad?” Zhanzhao had always been softhearted. As soon as he saw that Xiao Sizi was going to cry, he was in a hurry. He patted Xiao Sizi and said, “Don’t worry, Xiao Sizi. Ninety-nine is following you. Your father will be all right!” “Really?” As soon as the fourth son heard that Zhao Pu was following Gongsun, he immediately felt less anxious, and the tears that were about to fall out of his eyes were held back. He hugged Zhanzhao’s neck and waited for Gongsun to come back. Gongsun plunged into the cold pool, only to understand that he did not know what was going on just now, and inexplicably felt that something in the water seemed to be attracting him. That white spot looks like a person,collapsible pallet box, or a child, floating and sinking, he just wants to see clearly. Then the body seems to be out of control.


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