“Go to hell!” Fine skills were broken, and even their proud attack was eerily captured by the other side, the hope of the heart completely manic. But see Ling Feng a move, seems to be no guard against the meaning, he can not help but reveal the feeling of surprise, drink out loud! “Suzerain, be careful!” Several cries of anxiety rang out. A kind of foreign body top touch rises, Ling Feng’s mind moves, red refining Gang armor thickens again, mercilessly one foot collapses! “Ha ha ha ha, it’s too late!” Xi laughed out loud, and in his eyes of ecstasy and fear, a clump of white light plush passed through the armor on the surface of Ling Feng’s body without hindrance and pierced straight into it. A little soft, and as if with a trace of wonderful itching touch, Ling Feng was surprised to know that he was still careless. Originally thought that with the protection ability of Qingdian Youguang Step and Red Refining Gang Armor, even if it was hit by a hidden and mysterious thorn, it could escape at a critical moment, but I didn’t expect that the thorn was so horrible when it really came to me that Red Refining Gang Armor couldn’t stop it at all. In spite of this, Ling Feng is not flustered, tiptoe toe bone suddenly together, boneless soft body force out! Xue Nian once taught Ling Feng the secret method of “illusion” after she got it from Cang Ling’s family. Ling Feng practice after it and boneless soft body is the same strain of inheritance, the power of the fusion of the two is amazing,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, at the moment the crisis naturally mobilized all the life-saving skills. If there is a penetrating eye, you can see a faint golden light on the toe bone of Lingfeng’s foot. It’s not human. The toe bone of the golden net was extremely hard, and the attack force of Rao’s hidden and mysterious thorn was strange, and it also paused slightly for a moment under this strong resistance. If there is a God in the heart, and Baolan fierce battle once flashed through the mind of the light with thousands of times the intensity began to increase, a moment Ling Feng on the practice of some of the obstacles on the overall understanding. Almost unconsciously, Ling Feng’s mind began to change rapidly, which was quite different from the time when he used the blade of killing. If the frequency change of the killing blade is violent,ceramic igniter electrodes, wild, dark and obscure, then the frequency change at this moment is gentle, slow, full of moist meaning, as clear and thin as the mountain stream. Originally slightly inflexibly pasted on the surface of Lingfeng’s skin, the Red Refining Gang Armor began to decompose. Yes, it is decomposition! Pieces of Gang armor quickly disintegrated, like running water scattered, drops of water flow very lightly and finally Lingfeng all over the body, slowly oozing into it. It seems that Ling Feng’s skin is like the long-dried loess, which is being nourished by the long-lost nectar. A kind of incomparably wonderful throb spread all over Ling Feng’s body, and he unexpectedly remembered what she had said when he communicated with Baolan. “Your attack is similar to that of the bad old man, but far worse. His” seems to grow out of his body. ” Wang Fabibei At that time, Baolan said vaguely that although she was originally a two-winged frog emperor, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,Alumina Ceramic C795, she also refined her soul power, but she did not have a deep understanding of the way alchemists practiced, so she could not speak thoroughly and clearly. But at this moment, this paragraph of words echoed over and over again in Ling Feng’s knowledge of the sea, impacting his soul, thoroughly washing away the dirt on his soul for many days. Ling Feng thoroughly understood what she meant by “growing out of the body”: in the past, she used the red armor as an auxiliary ability, just like a weapon, which was used when facing the enemy. She did not study it carefully, nor did she take it too seriously. Especially after having the fine skill, the red refining gang armor to the attack strength increase is also more and more small pitifully, Ling Feng will not care too much. In fact, this is a major fighting force belonging to the soul Skywalker! For the ordinary matter of Tianxing, they can not awaken the four forces of water, fire and wind. But they are able to practice the primordial power of the soul. Although the soul system yuan Liyin is extremely difficult to understand, and it is extremely difficult to achieve something, its attack power has passed the other four systems with a little success. What’s more, if they have an adventure and can cultivate a Gang Qi, and merge the Gang Qi with the mind to cultivate a Gang armor, its power will be stronger. Within the Holy Land, I’m afraid there are few rivals! As Heng Chong said that day, the material Skywalker is useless, which is a big mistake! And these are not the real magic of Gang Jia, its power is far more than that! If you can cultivate Gang Armor, the next step is to carry out “internal refining”, constantly using the frequency change of mind to merge Gang Armor with itself step by step, until every cell of the body is filled with the wonderful energy of combining mind and Gang Qi, and then constantly strengthen it, and finally build the body into a class of human-shaped weapons. Ling Feng estimates that the reason why alchemists can be called “the strongest in the spiritual level” is that besides their better understanding of the soul skills, this “internal alchemy armor” is also a very important factor. As long as the internal refining can be thoroughly successful, the alchemist himself is equivalent to a magic weapon, fire does not burn, water immersion does not wet, thunder and lightning bombardment is completely intact! The effect is tens or hundreds of times more obvious than that of quenching the body with the help of thunder and lightning during the spiritual plunder! Who can stop in close combat? If you can understand the rest of the long-range attack skills, whether close combat or long-range attack, I am afraid there is no opponent! I fought for another chapter, and it was late to make it up. Let’s go to bed early and see it tomorrow. Just now, I was so miserable that I cut and pasted the contents in two documents. As a result, They’re gone. I lost all the chapters I wrote two days ago. If I want to read the previous content in the article, I have to surf the Internet. I am in a coma and have convulsions. (To be continued)


Chapter 390 of the main text is the integration of fine technology. A crisp sound came from Ling Feng’s body, each sound was clear and distant, often the former sound was not broken and the latter sound rose again, lingering together into a burst of sound, as if his body was electrified. Speaking slowly, in fact, after a short moment, all the changes have been completed. An experience that I had never had before came over me. There is no need to deliberately use the mind to look at the outside world, just breathe through the nose,Ceramic Band Heater, a layer of fresh to the extreme, as if the air passing through the field will fill the nasal cavity, smoothly and softly into the lungs. global-ceramics.com


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