Wolf in troubled times

I didn’t think you could survive. In the last battle, even the NO: 7 Surni was killed. It’s a miracle that you survived. Now the demons are not as easy to deal with as before. The little black hat took out an envelope. It’s not easy to survive. I should have given you a break. But now there is a serious shortage of manpower in the organization, and there is no way to do it. A large gathering place of demons was found in Kip. You go there and join the team for a punitive expedition. I hope you have enough good luck this time. Take the envelope. Liya decided to act according to Little Black Hat’s arrangement first. After getting familiar with the world, I decided how to find the key. On the way to the destination. Liya got a general idea of the world. This is a world full of demons. Demons feed mainly on human viscera. Most of the demons hide among humans, like shepherds, keeping the number of sheep while enjoying the delicious human flesh. Naturally,metal stamping parts, there are also some guys whose means are close to slaughter. They are the cause of people’s nightmares. After countless years of hardship, people finally found a way to fight against demons. Bury the flesh and blood of demons into human bodies. In this way, a half-human,deep draw stamping, half-demon warrior was created. Their blond hair and silver eyes are the only power against demons. It is called the Great Sword because of the use of this huge weapon. This is the world of the sword. Because of the existence of demons. There are far fewer wars between human beings. The city-centered people-state system exists in the form of an alliance. There are few disputes between the major leagues. Because most of the managers of human beings are used to guard against demons. There is no war for days. Perhaps the existence of demons for human beings in this world. It may be a blessing. The thought flashed through my mind. If you speak out, you may become the target of siege immediately. As a passer-by, Liya thought it would be better to make less trouble. Along the way, Liya had a certain understanding of the demon power she now possessed. Maybe it’s because of the basic rules of the world. Her magic power can not be used at all, instead of the same level of demon power. This strange power seems to be a mixture of fighting spirit and magic. Due to completely irregular mixing, Stainless steel foundry ,CNC machining parts, with the presence of too many unknown elemental impurities. This power is very unstable, it is easy to trigger the demons in the human body, so that people go to the abyss of falling. During this period, Liya also fought several encounters. The result of the encounter between the demon and Dajian. It seems that only the fall of one side is the end. I didn’t meet anyone who could make sense. Finally, Liya was in a city along the way. Decorated as a traveler. Hide the big sword in the horse’s bag. With the power of the seal ring, he completely suppressed his demon power, and only then did he mix in the ranks of ordinary people and quietly reach the destination of Kip. This also caused a lot of delays. In the middle, she also got a 10-stone hard bow and a pot of armor-piercing arrows. The body of this big sword has the advantage of great strength. Arrived a whole day later than expected. When they arrived at the assembly point, the other four members of the team had already arrived. I am Mira of NO: 37. I’m terribly sorry. Had some trouble on the way here. So the trip was a little delayed. Liya also felt that it was wrong to keep others waiting. I’m Alan from No: 7. And the captain of this mission. “Colin of NO: 21.” “Leslie of NO: 26.” “Jim of NO: 27.” Everyone introduced themselves to each other. Colin and Jim seemed to be warm people and seemed curious about Leah’s current civilian wardrobe. Leslie comes across as cold and not very talkative. And under the gentle smile of Alan, the captain of the team, was the majesty of the sitting, and he should not be a person who likes to give orders. Now that everyone is here. Let me explain the mission this time. Alan, stand up. Two months ago. There have been several disappearances in Kip. And found two eviscerated bodies. So the city owner wanted to organize the application. After a brief investigation. Sent Jiminy of NO: 24 on a crusade mission. As a result, a large number of demons appeared. Jiminy died in battle. “Organizationally reconfirmed.”. In the abandoned mine outside the city, 50 demons gathered. Our mission is to destroy these demons. ” “My battle plan is like this.” Liya is taking this opportunity to carefully examine the demon power level of the other four swords. According to their rank order and the analysis of comprehensive aspects such as demon power. Liya set herself a maximum limit on the use of demon power. If possible, she didn’t want to be noticed. The status of the mandate is as above. Let’s go NO: 7 Ai Lun’s plan. In fact, Liya didn’t listen to a word. I’ve been thinking about what I should do all the time. Everyone else is on foot. Liya was too embarrassed to ride alone. She followed at the back of the line with her bow. No one asked her to change her clothes back to the standard sword uniform. Others were very curious about the bow. Even Leslie, who has a cold personality,socket screw plug, glanced over from time to time. On the side of the mountain road leading to the mine. There is a tomb with a big sword, and only the sword tells of the master’s existence. There are no tombstones and no inscriptions. Even the earth bag is not much higher than the ground, and weeds have grown on it. Jiminy. I’ve come to avenge you. Alan went over and pulled out the big sword on the ground. I’ll borrow it first. I’ll send it back soon. It looks like a friend. Liya guessed so. She raised her bow and aimed in the direction of the jungle on one side. There is a strong demon power coming from there. What people. Come out She didn’t attack right away. Wait. Wait. Don’t do it. A man came out of the woods. Ha-ha. What an amazing kid. You can even find me like this. “Great.” The other big swords are on guard. Pulled out their weapons. Alan took Jiminy’s sword and decided to use his friend’s sword for revenge. autoparts-dx.com


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