Why You Might Need a Health Advocate Is Why You Might Need a Concierge Physician

Primary care physicians and patients in the United States have become increasingly unhappy with the way the traditional care is being delivered.

Studies show that most doctors in the country see up to 20 patients a day. This is the reason why patients have to wait for days and even weeks to get an appointment and get the required attention of the physicians about their health concerns.


Concierge care was developed to bridge the gaps in the conventional healthcare system. This model has minimized coding, billing, and collections procedures, allowing healthcare specialists to focus exclusively on taking care of their patients. 


Concierge care was once considered only for high-profile individuals who could afford to get their health taken care of more than the average person. The concept of concierge care, however, has emerged as an alternative option to traditional primary care models.


Who is a Concierge Physician?

 Concierge doctors provide their services to patients in exchange for a fee, usually paid on a monthly or quarterly basis. They offer direct access and personalized care to their patients and typically do everything that a primary care doctor can.


Direct Doctor-Patient Relationship


Concierge medicine facilitates the formation of a close bond between the physician and patients. Needless to say, the more a physician accessible is to the patients, the more quickly they are likely to build a relationship. 


It allows physicians to provide individualized attention to their patients that promote the overall well-being of patients and help them manage chronic conditions to facilitate early diagnosis of any condition before it turns serious. 


Studies show that the odds of premature death in patients who have direct access to primary care providers are around nineteen percent lower than in those who seek care when they are unwell. 


As concierge doctors see patients more frequently, they more quickly become familiar with their medical history and health habits. This in turn helps patients to feel more comfortable while spending time with their physician. 


Minimal or No Wait Times


Since concierge physicians accept only a few patients every day, they have greater control over their availability. Most often, patients are able to see their patients on the same day or the next day, even for non-emergencies. Arranging an in-person visit with a physician with such great ease and convenience was never possible in traditional healthcare model.

More Quality Time with Doctor


Studies show that doctors spend up to 30-45 minutes with their patients per visit, and as much as 90 minutes for a physical. The more time you will spend with your physician, the more questions you can ask to them about your health and the more thoughtful answers you will be provided. It provides your doctors an opportunity to analyze your health at a deeper level and give you expert advice to reach your health and wellness goals. 


Patients can not only spend more time with physicians on their visit but can also pay more office visits.


One Doctor for the Whole Family


No matter whether you need healthcare for yourself, your spouse, or your entire family, concierge physicians are there to take care of everyone. Family doctors have a better understanding of the medical history of your family members as well as their health predispositions. Having all the medical records of your family in one place ensures that the needs of your family are managed effectively.


Thorough Physical Exams


Since traditional family care physicians are bound by high patient loads and time constraints, they find it hard to spend more than15-20 minutes performing physical of a patient. Thankfully, that is not the case with concierge physicians, and they can spend around two hours with you reviewing your medical history, complaints, and concerns, as well as your overall health and wellness goals.


24-7 Access to Healthcare


Concierge medicine physicians most often give their personal numbers and emails to questions, prescription refills, or off-hour needs. That means a concierge doctor will be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week to give you advice and prescribe the medication you need to reach and maintain optimum health and wellness.


With 24/7 access to your physician, you will get peace of mind that comes from knowing that you get the right care, at the right time when you need it most.


Final Words


The healthcare industry is shifting away from fee-for-service payment models towards value-based care. More and more in America are choosing to switch to concierge care because of direct access to physicians, longer appointments, and improved care.  


Concierge healthcare is a great option for those who are looking for a holistic, individualized, patient-centered approach to care and don’t want to spend days or weeks scheduling an office visit.


Nova Concierge Med: Providing Care that Truly Makes a Difference


Not all concierge healthcare practices are created equal. To get the best value for your money and achieve your health and wellness goals, you need to choose a practice that perfectly meets your specific and personal needs. 


Our concierge medicine services are designed for individuals who prefer comprehensive and coordinated care focused on quality and safety.


No matter whether you are a student, an office professional, or a stay-at-home mum, we work with you to develop effective therapeutic strategies that meet your certain needs and preferences, all in a compassionate and confidential environment.


Our ultimate goal is to help you gain strength to manage the difficulties of your life and achieve optimal health and well-being. 




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