Why Use a Personalized Lanyard Printing Service

Although just a simple strap around the neck, Lanyards are considered very important in an office set up. Lanyards are supplied as either plain or printed depending on your office’s needs. Lanyards are generally worn round the neck but some are worn round the wrist or the arm or even around the waist. Using a personalised lanyard printing service, your business can improve the effectiveness of its advertising strategy.

The most common use for a custom printed lanyard is to display an identity card. Worn round the neck, it serves as a visible identification of the person wearing it. For companies who have staff that visit customers premises or houses this is very important so that they can be easily identified.

Lanyards come in three different widths namely 10, 15 and 20mm as standard. There are a wide variety of attachments like alligator clips, carabiner clips, swivel clips and badge reels. For added safety, some of them even have breakaway clips as well. This means that if the lanyard gets caught in a door or lift or elevator it will break off.

Here are why lanyards are so important in a large organisational environment.  Firstly, they are a means of quick identification. Employees display their identity cards prominently around their neck with a lanyard. Wearing a custom printed lanyard with your company name and logo boosts credibility and professionalism and imparts a sense of belonging.

When people see you wearing a customized lanyard, it boosts your brand image and serves as an advertisement for your business. That it is personalised with the company name and logo is a means to raise awareness and advertise your business to the outside world. They are particularly popular at events such as conferences and trade fairs where many people from the same industry meet up.

Security issues are something every organisation has to deal with. Lanyards play an important role in this aspect as well. Security personnel find it easier to identify employees and distinguish them from visitors, with a glance at the customised lanyard the individual is wearing. Lanyards can also be used to limit access to certain areas of the business premises.

You can use custom printed lanyard at conferences, trade fairs and music festivals or concerts. Apart from business enterprises, personalised lanyard printing services are useful for schools and colleges. Lanyards are a safe way for students to carry their identity cards without the fear of losing it. Different coloured lanyards are often used to show the class or age of the students at a glance.

Several personalised lanyard printing services are listed online. They offer customised design facilities that can custom-make the lanyard to suit your company brand and image. Most of them offer different types of material such as woven or polyester.

Online services are a cost-effective way to shop. Not only is there a wide choice, but you can save some money as well. Ordering personalised lanyards in bulk, ensures you earn a considerable discount when placing orders over 500 units. Most companies have a minimum order that can be customized.

At Ireland Lanyards, the design team is always on hand to help you create and design your own lanyard. You have the option to get your custom printed lanyards in different materials like nylon, polyester, sublimated or woven fabric. You can reach out to Ireland Lanyards here:  https://www.irelandlanyards.com Ireland Lanyards is well known for their quality products and super-fast delivery and have a 5* Trustpilot score from happy customers!


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