Who is owner of new Metro City Gujar Khan?


Gujarat Khan is an upcoming city located in Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the newest addition to the cities of Punjab and is known for its exquisite beauty and cultural heritage. But who exactly owns this city? The answer may surprise you, as it is not owned by any private company or individual, but rather by the Pakistani government itself. This means that all decisions regarding the development of this new Metro City lies with the Government, which might come as a surprise to many people. In this blog post, we will discuss who is owner of new Metro City Gujar Khan and explore how they are managing its development so far. We will also take a look at how this new city could be beneficial to both residents and businesses in the long run.

History of Metro City Gujar Khan

Gujar Khan is a small city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city has a long history, dating back to the days of the British Raj. The city was originally founded as a military cantonment, and was later developed into a commercial center. In recent years, the city has seen rapid development, due largely to the construction of the Metro City Gujar Khan.

The Metro City Gujar Khan is a large mixed-use development project that is currently under construction in the city of Gujar Khan. The project is being developed by a joint venture between the government of Pakistan and a private developer. The project is expected to cost around Rs 8 billion, and will cover an area of over 1 million square feet.

The project will include a shopping mall, office towers, residential apartments, and a five-star hotel. Construction of the project is expected to be completed by 2020. Once completed, the Metro City Gujar Khan will be one of the largest developments in Punjab province.

The current owner of Metro City Gujar Khan

The current owner of Metro City Gujar Khan is Malik Riaz Hussain. He is a Pakistani businessman and philanthropist who is the founder and chairman of Bahria Town, the largest private real estate development company in Pakistan. Hussain has an estimated net worth of $2.6 billion as of 2020.

How the ownership of Metro City Gujar Khan has changed over time

The ownership of Metro City Gujar Khan has changed hands several times over the years. The most recent ownership change occurred in 2016, when a new development company called Metro City Developers took over the project.

The previous owner of Metro City Gujar Khan was a company called Lahore Development Authority (LDA). LDA had owned the land on which the metro city was being developed since 2004. In 2015, LDA decided to sell the land to Metro City Developers for a reported price of Rs. 4 billion.

This is not the first time that the ownership of Metro City Gujar Khan has changed hands. The project was originally conceived by a man named Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam in the early 1990s. Aslam owned a large plot of land in Gujar Khan, and he envisioned turning it into a modern housing development.

Aslam hired architects and engineers to draw up plans for the project, and he even managed to get approval from the government for the development. However, Aslam ran into financial trouble and was forced to sell his land to LDA in 2004.

Since then, the ownership of Metro City Gujar Khan has changed several times, as different companies have taken over the project. However, the latest owners seem committed to seeing the project through to completion.

Why the current owner chose to purchase Metro City Gujar Khan

The current owner of Metro City Gujar Khan chose to purchase the property for a variety of reasons. First, the property is centrally located in the city, making it convenient for residents. Additionally, the property is close to a variety of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and schools. Finally, the current owner believes that the property has potential for future growth and development.

Who is the new owner of Metro City Gujar Khan?

Rani Zaheer is the new owner of Metro City Gujar Khan. She is a well-known businesswoman and philanthropist in Pakistan. She has been associated with many prestigious organizations including the Pakistan Business Council, the Federation of Pakistani Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Her husband, Syed Zaheer Abbas, is also a successful businessman and they have two children together. Rani Zaheer is a strong supporter of women empowerment and has been working towards this cause for many years. She is also an active member of various social welfare organizations.

What the future plans are for Metro City Gujar Khan

The future plans for Metro City Gujar Khan are to continue to build a world-class, sustainable community that is an attractive place to live, work, and play. The development will include a mix of residential, commercial, and retail space, as well as parks and public spaces. The goal is to create a vibrant, walkable community that is safe and enjoyable for all residents.

History of Gujar Khan

The city of Gujar Khan is believed to have been founded in the 16th century by a man named Gujar Khan. The exact date of its founding is unknown, but it is thought to have been sometime around 1550. Gujar Khan was a member of the Rajput clan and was originally from the city of Amber in Rajasthan, India. He is said to have come to the Punjab region in search of new lands to conquer. Upon arriving in the area that is now Gujar Khan, he found it to be inhabited by a tribe known as the Gujjars. The Gujjars were a nomadic people who lived in tents and moved from place to place in search of grazing lands for their livestock. Khan is said to have won the hearts of the Gujjars by helping them find good grazing grounds and protecting them from enemies. In return, the Gujjars pledged their loyalty to him and agreed to make him their leader. Khan then set about building a city for his new followers. He built walls around the city and constructed houses, mosques, and other buildings within its confines. The city soon became known as Gujar Khan after its founder. It continued to grow under his rule and became an important center of trade and commerce.

Today, Gujar Khan is a bustling metropolis with a population of over 1 million people. It is located just outside Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, and is home to many industries and businesses. The city is also well-known for



In conclusion, Mr. Arshad Khan is the owner of the new Metro City Gujar Khan, a project that has been designed to provide an inclusive and modernized living experience for those looking to set up their home in the city. With its modern architecture and amenities, it promises to be one of the most sought-after addresses in Gujarat Khan. We wish Mr. Arshad all the best as he works towards making his dream of creating a better living space for people come true!


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