What It Takes to Promote Your Book

No universal book marketing formula works the same for every author. But there are areas of emphasis that belong in every publicity and promotion campaign. Availing yourself of the opportunities makes sense and works even better when you fine-tune them to highlight the uniqueness of your writing and book. Time-honored book PR tactics have earned their place because they have improved the discoverability of many prior successful books. As multi-faceted as marketing campaigns can be today, they share the common goal of reaching target readers with news of a book’s release.

Given the dominance of the internet and the popularity of social media, some people might conclude that you can successfully market a book with purely online exposure. While it might be possible if you’re already a celebrity with a massive online following, most authors still need to seek publicity. When the media covers you and your book, it implies an endorsement that people find interesting. Nearly all media today also operate online as well as in their traditional formats like television and newspapers. Therefore, when you seek publicity, anything that runs on the air or in print later turns up online.

Regardless of where or how you promote your book, you need to become an accomplished spokesman on its behalf. Many authors work with publicists and marketers to develop key messages about their story or book’s content. They are ideas that flow through all marketing elements, from social media posts to speeches or as answers given in a TV interview. You might consider media training if you feel nervous speaking to a host or journalist and plan to go on a significant media tour. It will build your confidence and help you hone your skills. Building a rapport with a host and audience is vital to success.

The best book PR campaigns today are a blend of traditional and online media coverage. Wherever your target readers are reading or watching is where you want to be visible. Marketing theory holds that you may need to make several impressions on someone before they are ready to buy or download your book. It’s also worth noting that you need an author’s website that includes information about you and your book. No matter how well you do elsewhere, many people, including editors and producers, will check you out online. It’s also why having a growing social media following is helpful.


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