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“But what?” Zhu Siqi originally said this sentence to her, if a ladle of cold water poured down from the head, suddenly heard that there was still a turn for the better, immediately asked. But if we can get detailed information about them, there may be a glimmer of hope, but the situation is changing rapidly every day, I am afraid this is impossible. Tang Mengmei said. Can you determine where Soros is now? Zhu Siqi asked, it may be impossible for others to accomplish the task, but for Zhu Siqi, as long as he finds his general location, it is easy to understand his situation. This is not very clear, but it should be in Southeast Asia, probably in Hong Kong! Tang Mengmei said. By the way, besides the foreign exchange market, is the stock market normal? Zhu Siqi asked again. Now that the company’s funds have been withdrawn, it may not be so sensitive to the stock market, but it is certainly still falling. The last time Taiwan took the initiative to devalue the NT dollar, Hong Kong’s stock market suffered a lot. Tang Mengmei said. All right,bottle blowing machine, I will come to Hong Kong tomorrow. This time, all the funds of the company have to be invested. I don’t believe that foreigners can act recklessly in Hong Kong and no one will take care of them. Zhu Siqi said. The next day, when Zhu Siqi met with Jiang Ling, Uchiha Wenjie and Wu Tian, the “three giants” of the Longxing Foundation at home, he told them that he had to go to Hong Kong. Wu Tian was eager that Zhu Siqi would not go to Hangzhou. He might slowly control the Foundation. Uchiha Wenjie had just helped himself in Taiwan,PET blow moulding machine, and he had just rested for two days. Although Jiang Ling complained that Zhu Siqi had just returned to Hong Kong, it was not easy to interfere, so Zhu Siqi went to the airport in the morning and arrived at the Longxing Hong Kong headquarters of the Bank of China Building in the afternoon. Today’s stock market is very abnormal. As soon as I entered Tang Mengmei’s office, I heard her say. Oh Zhu Siqi could not even greet her and immediately went to the front of the computer. The stock market is rising. What’s wrong with it? It should be a good thing. Zhu Siqi took a look. You don’t take into account the current economic environment. In this situation, although everyone wants the stock market to rise, you see, is it rising too fast now? As far as our analysis is concerned, someone should be manipulating and buying a lot of index stocks. Tang Mengmei said. Is it the quantum fund again? Zhu Siqi asked. It is very likely that they will suppress the Hong Kong dollar in the foreign exchange market, raise the stock index in the stock market, and finally make an astronomical amount of money in futures. Tang Mengmei said. Zhu Siqi’s current economic theory has not yet reached this level, but as soon as Tang Mengmei said, he thought about it and knew what was going on. Hong Kong is a world-renowned standardized trading market, as long as there is enough capital, PET blowing machine ,juice filling machine, it is easy to manipulate the market. Is there anyone talking about the Quantum Fund in the news reports now, or even Soros coming to Hong Kong? Zhu Siqi said. Not yet, you think, Hong Kong reporters are all-pervasive, now Hong Kong’s economy is very sensitive, you think, if they do not know Soros came to Hong Kong, then we go to investigate is also a waste of work. Tang Mengmei said. All right, my car is still a villa. I’ll take the car out and look around outside. Zhu Siqi said. Leaving the Bank of China Tower, Zhu Siqi went straight to Tang Mengmei’s villa. After arriving at the villa, Zhu Siqi did not drive out directly. He opened the phone to look for information about the airport. It was easier than expected to hack into the network of Hong Kong Airport, although there was an element of luck in it, but Zhu Siqi succeeded in hacking into the operation network of Hong Kong International Airport after an hour. Call out your own search engine, enter the name of Soros, and soon get the results. Soros had been to Hong Kong half a year ago, but left immediately after a week. Zhu Siqi thought that when Soros came, it was just after he came back from Bangkok. Maybe after Soros operated Thailand’s foreign exchange market in Bangkok, he regarded Hong Kong as his Asian base. But why did he leave after a week? Zhu Siqi sat in front of the computer and muttered to himself. He carefully studied the ticket records again and found that Soros had never been to Hong Kong since then, and the ticket he bought at that time was a direct flight to New York. “I wonder if there’s a record of him on the New York ticket?” Zhu Siqi thought of this and immediately began to hack into the New York airport and enter the network of the Ministry of Aviation of the United States. Zhu Siqi spent less time, because he had “patronized” the network of the Ministry of Aviation of the United States a few years ago. At that time, he just left a back door inside and never did anything again. At that time, Zhu Siqi just wanted to exercise his hacking skills, but now he just used it. But after looking at the information carefully, Zhu Siqi was a little embarrassed, because there was no record of Soros’s login at New York Airport half a year ago! Zhu Siqi looked at the information of Hong Kong Airport again. After carefully looking at the information of the airport, Zhu Siqi finally found the doubtful point. Although Soros bought a ticket to leave Hong Kong at that time, he did not board the plane. The ticket was finally cancelled, but it was not shown when he searched for the information. So that’s it! Zhu Siqi thought, it seems that Soros played a camouflage! Chapter 316 discovery. Although I know that Soros is in Hong Kong, it is not so easy to find someone at once. If I only rely on my own perception scanning, Hong Kong is so big that Zhu Siqi does not want to do so. Last time, in order to find Tang Mengmei, he had been looking for her crazily on the main island of Hong Kong, and finally almost ran out of True Qi. Zhu Siqi decided to start with their stock account, but in the end, until Tang Mengmei came back from work, Zhu Siqi still had no substantial progress. The reason is very simple, although the network of the securities company Zhu Siqi successfully invaded, but the other party used hundreds of stock numbers, and because the network is not yet developed,water filling machine, many accounts are directly cut in the securities company, Zhu Siqi also has no way to completely find out in a short time. And even if we find out, it doesn’t make much sense. gzxilinear.com


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