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Lin Yu didn’t know exactly how much wealth Qi Dazhu had, and he didn’t even know exactly what industry the other party was doing, but when he heard that it was not as expensive as 105,000 pounds, he felt that it was less than one million at most, which was nothing compared to the other party’s hundreds of millions of wealth. Lin Yu, however, did not recognize Qi Dazhu’s voiceover. What the other side said was that it was not as expensive as the 105,000 pounds of red wine auctioned in 1985. How could the value of that bottle of red wine remain unchanged after more than ten years! So of course he didn’t expect the price of the bottle of red wine to be 370,000 pounds. Every time he drank a mouthful, he drank thousands of RMB, which was definitely a luxury. Relatively speaking, Lin Yu is very fond of the Yangtze River knife fish, which can be sold for about 8000 yuan in 2012, because he has eaten a lot of sea fish near the sea, but he has not eaten much fish in the river. After eating and drinking, Lin Yu was called by Qi Dazhu to chat in the study upstairs, and Wu Nianci silently cleaned up the mess. Because Qi Yue and Lin Yu came over, she specifically told the aunt in charge of cleaning that she didn’t have to come today. Qi Yue accompanied Qi Xin to watch the cartoon “Sailor Moon” on TV. Whenever several sisters transformed, Qi Xin always shouted with a smile: “I want to destroy you on behalf of the moon!” Then Qi Xin was pressed on the sofa by Qi Yue, who did not give in to her at all. In the face of Qi Yue’s hooligan-like kiss, Qi Xin kept laughing. When Qi Yue bullied the children, their father, Qi Dazhu,Nail machine manufacturer, took Lin Yu to a study full of all kinds of books. Lin Yu was immediately surprised from ear to ear when he came to the study, which was similar to a small library. He looked carefully and found that there was no brand-new book on the shelves. Especially those books such as “Thick Black Learning”, “Vegetable Root Tan” and “Twenty-four Most Important Lessons in Life” have been turned over almost out of shape. Does a boss like Qi Dazhu who is in charge of a large group read so many books every day? Curious, he asked, “Uncle Qi, do you read every day?” Seemingly seeing the doubts of the young people, Qi Daqing sat down in his chair and said with a smile, “I am busy with my work and don’t have much time to read, but as long as I have time, I will add some knowledge.” “Then why are there so many books, but none of them are new? You can’t buy old books, can you?” Lin Yu asked curiously. Of course someone watched it, but your aunt watched it. Her only hobby besides taking care of Xiao Xin every day is reading. Qi Dazhu gave a faint explanation. Hearing his explanation, Nail production machine ,Nail Making Machine price, Lin Yu began to feel that being a rich wife or marrying into a rich family did not necessarily mean living a particularly happy life. Remembering the female stars who married into the rich and powerful family in the last life but were eventually swept out, Lin Yuxin sighed with emotion. Won’t she be bored staying at home all day? Lin Yu asked as he turned over the book. Qi Dazhu stretched himself and replied, “The book has its own golden house. The book has its own Yan Ruyu. Your aunt’s love for words is beyond your imagination.”. And she usually writes novels to pass the time. “Can you write a novel?”? That’s great! Lin Yu sincerely praised that he liked reading novels very much in his last life, so he admired people who could write novels. It’s nothing. Your aunt was a top student who graduated from Peking University. Qi Dazhu sighed and continued, “Has Xiao Yue’s grandfather contacted you recently?” “No. Why?” Lin Yu replied as he looked through Lu’s Spring and Autumn Annals. He is seeing, ‘a stone may be broken, but its strength cannot be taken away; Dan may be ground, but its redness cannot be taken away.’ This sentence. His grandfather asked me to inspect the pretty brothers restaurant in your family and let me help them judge whether there is a prelude to development! Forcing krypton to eat the earth ship? The study is very simple and quiet, isolated from all outside noise, can not hear the roar of the motor, can not hear the wind, birds and insects. After Qi Dazhu said that the old man Sun Jin really just wanted to pull himself, Lin Yu was inexplicably moved. He was silent for a while. He expelled some sour emotions in his heart and his gratitude to the old man and asked softly, “How is your investigation, Uncle Qi?”? Is the matter of twenty stores feasible? His tone was a little bit expectant but not deliberate, just human nature, not annoying. “It’s up to us to decide!”! However, Qi Yue’s grandfather is very kind to his uncle, and I must finish what he told me carefully. I sent someone to inspect your shop. It’s not bad. There is a prospect for development! ? At this point, Qi Dazhu changed his tone, “but if you open 20 branches at the same time, it is easy to have an uncontrollable situation.”. I don’t know if it will catch fire or be wiped out. Because Bincheng is too small, 20 shops need to cover a large area. What he said was completely true, and it was obviously not easy to build twenty identical stores in Bincheng at this time. So if the Sunset Red Club really signed an agreement with the Qiao Brothers Restaurant to join the 20 restaurants at once, it must be the old man Sun Jin who is secretly helping himself. Lin Yu felt that what Qi Dazhu said was very reasonable, but he felt that it was not entirely so, so he opened his mouth to defend: “Jews believe that everyone has a mouth, and each mouth has two functions, one is to speak and the other is to eat.”. It will come out after eating. So it is a bottomless pit in this function. So some industries will never come to an end. Chapter 200 hold my hands and be gentle. “What you said is not like what Gao Sheng said!” Qi Dazhu applauded and said, “Uncle Qi is gratified that you are ambitious.”. Uncle can see that you will be successful in the future. As for how promising you can be, it depends on how much heart and perseverance you have! Come on, you. It’s not a big deal about the restaurant. If the old people lose money, I’ll bring it up. You can rest assured to design the contract. You have only one weakness, that is, you are too small. “Oh, Uncle Qi, I am not young.”. Gates became the richest man in the world at the age of 39, Sun Shan founded Xinghui at the age of 28, Sun Quan was 19, according to Jiang Dong,nail manufacturing machine, Ding Junhui won the snooker Asia Championships champion at 15, and Temple won the Oscar at 7, and Beethoven began to compose at 4. I’m eighteen years old and I need to work hard. Lin Yu explained with a smile. 3shardware.com