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“Oh, I thought I was going to die.” Anna threw herself into Ah Feng’s arms and cried, saying that the plough flowers on her face were pitiful. But pity is not my turn. Ah, Feng is busy. \r “Whew! That was close. I thought I was going to hang in a place like this.” Xiao Rou patted her chest and said with a lingering fear. \r “But now you have to think about how you got out.” Because I saw that the road behind was actually a wall, and the front was blocked by boulders. \r “It’s a big deal to go back to the city.” Xiao Rou doesn’t care. \r “No, unfortunately, it’s not allowed to use the city roll here.” \r ‘ah. Then we’re not going to be stuck here. A tear flashed in Xiao Rou’s eyes. \r “Well, don’t worry, things will turn around. See if there’s any switch here.” Chapter 34 fortune and misfortune depend on each other. “Woo! Woo ~ ~ ~ I don’t want to be stuck here.” Xiao Rou let out another cry of unwillingness, which was deafening. \r “I don’t believe you can’t be cut down.” Looked at these two stooges, one was screaming, and the other was chopping this rolling stone. After chopping the stone for a long time, there was no scar at all. Yes, the sword of the peak had been tortured out of shape. \r “Oh, my God! My Seven Star Sword!” Looking at the broken sword, speechless. \r “All right, don’t mess around without a clue.” I advised both of them. \r “Well, it’s better than making sarcastic remarks here alone.” The two said in unison that the battle line was unified and the spear was directed at me. \r “Well, I won’t say.” Fortunately, this game has not set any hunger, otherwise a generation of killer’s virgin hanging is starved to death, such a smelly thing to say, I have no face to live. \r “Xiao Rou,stainless tile trim, is there really no mechanism?” \r “Yes, there’s not even a mechanism to kill people.” Xiao Rou kicked the stone on the ground bitterly. \r “Wait.” Hurriedly called Xiao Roujiao. \r He went up and looked at the stone on the ground and picked it up. “Haha, it’s a thousand-year-old black iron.” \r “Boss, why is there ore here?” Ah Feng temporarily forgot the hatred of the broken sword and asked. \r “I think these are surrounded by walls made of black iron.” Knocked on the wall and said. \r “This is too extravagant. There are only these walls with thousand-year-old black iron.” Ah, Feng Weirdo. \r “It’s really too extravagant, but hey, these black irons are mine.” Said the man who took out the mine hoe and was ready to act. \r “Boss, you want to be treacherous.” Several people said with one voice, but it’s better for Xiaojie to hide in my arms cleverly,stainless steel edge trim, “Brother, come on and dig.” Xiaojie is good, and she knows how to cheer me up, while others only know how to make sarcastic remarks. \r Humming the old, excited to dig the mine, almost a thousand years of black iron, I have thought, the future headquarters is a steel castle built by a thousand years of black iron, hey. At that time, it must be very cool, and the blacksmith uncles who must be angry will vomit blood, but also let the people who hit our attention vomit blood. With the disgust and absolute firmness of the thousand-year-old black iron, even the imperial city can’t compare with it. \r Gradually the package is full, but the package of Xiaobai and Night Shadow is big enough, otherwise I will die of heartache, looking at more Xuan Iron can only take a little bit, aluminum tile trim ,stainless steel tile trim, the ore of Xiaobai’s package can overlap 100 pieces, a total of 500 grids, can put 50000 pieces, and Night Shadow is the most abnormal, actually equipped with an equipment, treasure bag, this bag has 550 grids. Each grid can overlap 1000 kinds of the same thing, that is to say, you can put 550000 things, hey, maybe even the city wall can be made of black iron. This will be the strongest fortress in time. \r If they really knew what I thought, they would be so angry that they would give me a middle finger and say in unison, “You are really a ***ing black sheep.” \r Boss, what are you laughing at? What good things did you dig up again? Ah Feng looked at me strangely and giggled while digging, and asked with concern. \r “Oh, nothing.” Continue to dig hard, Xiaojie fell asleep with Xiaobai in her arms, others looked tired, all fell asleep in this narrow place, only I was still digging here. \r I don’t know how long I dug, but before the others woke up, I had already hollowed it out, and the rest were all stones, but it seemed that I couldn’t dig to the end. I even dug two or three meters into the stone, but I didn’t reach the end, so I simply gave up digging. I looked at the huge stone in front of me, and I couldn’t cut it with a sword. What was in it? \r Hard to this boulder a hoe, “KING”, a few steps back, unexpectedly was shaken back, the curiosity of this stone is difficult to add, “NND, I do not believe in evil.” He ran up and hoed it again, and was shaken back again, and the blood-red word HP-50 appeared on his head. \r “My grass.” Dark scold, “TNND, what kind of stone is this? I don’t believe that there are mines that can’t be dug with my mining technology.” I spat two mouthfuls of phlegm on my hand and tightened the mine hoe. I ran up with a sound of “ah” and hoed desperately. The force of “KING” made my tiger’s mouth crack, and the bright red blood stained the whole mine hoe. This pain was a day and a place compared with being tortured by the abnormal doctor. \r “Damn it, I don’t believe I can’t break you open.” Regardless of the injury on his hand, he continued to knock on the boulder, and the sound of “King” was indecisive. \r Who said you were born to be a king? If someone says, I am the first to take a knife to cut him, those who become the king just have a little more opportunity than others, know how to seize the opportunity, know how to pay, just like a person who has the opportunity to become the king, but did not grasp, then he lost the opportunity to become the king in the future, you want to become a master king, then you have to be more than others. A little more persistence, just like the protagonist now, under the power of violent anti-shock,stainless steel edging strip, I think no one can support it for a long time, although only 10% of the pain, and the protagonist’s pain is 100% ah. \r。


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