Looking for partners in international shipping? Then this blog will be useful to you. Due to computerized communication and

greater international travel, global linkages and distances have greatly decreased in our day. There was a time when

telegrams or inland letters were the primary means of cross-country communication. International shipping was a once-a-

year occurrence that would be prohibitively expensive, and that too through one service provider.

Only industrial items were allowed for the freight services. In the past, a written recipe sent by international letter mail was

the only way the pickle reached our family members who lived in distant countries. 

India Provides the Best Logistics Solutions!

When it comes to offering domestic and foreign clients customized logistics solutions, Indian logistics businesses thrive.

Some of the aforementioned businesses offer logistics advice in addition to their other services since they are leaders in the


Whether you need straightforward custom fulfillment services or intricate customs clearance and freight forwarding, these

Indian logistics businesses will provide you with a hassle-free logistics experience and unparalleled customer care.

Top Listed Courier Companies in India

Some courier service names that you may be familiar with are as follows:-


One of the best courier services in India is offered by PDS INTERNATIONAL, the best logistics service provider based in India.

It is a recognized international freight forwarder that offers the top courier service for online retailers. In a variety of

industries, including pharma, medical equipment, telecommunication, electronics & machinery, auto, and projects, PDS has

strong involvement and commercial relationships. PDS International is a long-standing provider of complete supply chain





Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo Express Limited, based in Bengaluru, is another well-known Indian logistics company. It is the

country's largest express delivery service provider, with a network of 5800 channel partners. Currently, they manifest an

estimated 11 million goods every month. Customers can choose between interstate and intra-city delivery. Their worldwide

reach has extended with services in 240 countries and ranks as one of the best courier services in India.

3. FedEx:

One of the most dependable international shipping services in India is provided by an American multinational delivery

service company. FEDEX, as a worldwide leader, has a good reputation in India as the third-largest courier service. They

specialize in managing a wide variety of items. Heavyweight things, fragile objects, high-value products, and dangerous

commodities such as lithium batteries and dry ice are all included. FedEx also offers overnight freight service. It serves

around 200 countries and distributes approximately 3.6 million goods every business day.

4. Ecom Express

It is yet another Indian logistics company. It has a national reach, serving over 27000 pin codes. They offer an integrated

system that allows them to deliver worldwide courier services and international courier tracking to E-Commerce businesses.

Customs clearance and doorstep delivery to overseas purchasers are among their offerings. Ecom Express also offers tracking

services for all foreign orders.

5. Mahindra Logistics Ltd

Mahindra Logistics was founded in 2000 and is based in Mumbai. The organization provides logistics services to both internal

and external clients. Incoming and outgoing logistics, inter-plant transfer, storage, and line feed are among its services. It also

offers People Transport Solutions, a business line that provides enterprises with customized services for employee

transportation from home to work and back.

Final Conclusion

It is not an easy choice to choose the best logistics businesses to deal with, but it can be made much easier by first narrowing

down the top 5 logistics service providers in India. Instead of 120+ logistics companies, you now only have to choose from

the top 5.


However, approaching logistics service providers based on your company goals and the exact services you desire is the best

way to go about it.


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