Today,s bodybuilders have used steroids more than any generation whereas 90s bodybuilders have depended more on  whey protein and other natural supplements.Some will say that the current phase of the sport features the absolute crème de la crème of bodybuilding talent. Then there are those who believe that the ’90s were the absolute pinnacle of the sport.


We have make some categories on which we will discuss today’s hot topic:


  • Weight : As we all know today bodybuilders carry more weight than old bodybuilders. In 2016 big ramy broke the record of heaviest guy on stage and came at 300 + pounds.

  • Condition :Condition plays an important role in competition and there is no doubt that 90s bodybuilders came with far better conditions than today’s bodybuilders. Flex wheeler and  king ronnie  are the prime examples of that.


  • Steroids : Today’s bodybuilders are ahead of old ones in terms of use of steroids. 90s bodybuilders have depended more on food and supplements rather than steroids.


  • Health : As we all know there is an increase in deaths in bodybuilding and the main reason for this is that nobody has patience these days .They increase their weights by using Mass Gainer rather than just putting more and more steroids in their body. So old ones live more than today’s bodybuilders. 





Everyone has their own opinion on this topic but in my opinion each one of them has their own advantages and disadvantages but in my eyes 90s bodybuilders are more competitive and tough . They bring more condition and well balanced physique than today’s bodybuilders.


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