(TLZ) TanLeiZhe Higher Capacity Battery

We are the only exclusive distributor in Singapore. Worried about short battery life or depreciating battery that cannot last you through the day? Fret now, now you have an additional option. The first and utmost priority is Safety for our batteries. We only use polymer lithium ion batteries, which brings about a smooth discharge.

It is definitely safe and reliable. The conversion rate is as high as 90% or more, far exceeding ordinary batteries. Additionally, the battery has an intelligent constant temperature control. It contains a imported intelligent control chip which deals with temperature (hot/cold).

For the battery, the outer layer is made up of flame resistance material to prevent burning. The wirings are also made of brass to eliminate short circuit, reduce resistance and heat. We only use pure copper contacts. For the inner layer, it contains copper nickel plated anode and a PCB protection board which brings about voltage protection.

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