Three realms

There is no news at all from only the Tianwai Clan and the Feimeng Clan. I had expected it in my heart, and I just took these two clans to operate. To my surprise, the light monk sent a message in the pile of books that he wanted to join the unintentional army and asked me to set up a regiment for them. When I received the news, I was so excited that I immediately went to Xiaoyao Fairy Mountain and Guangming Foshan to find them. I said, “Hey, I didn’t expect the two elder brothers to look up to my younger brother so much. I’m really ashamed of myself!” Laughing in the pile of books, he said, “No, no. In the future, my brothers will eat your food and wear your clothes. I’m really afraid that you will suffer a tragic loss. Ha ha ha..” “9494。” Monk Guang nodded and said, “Hey, just die.” After some discussion, we finally decided to add two regiments to the unintentional legion. One is called Xiaoyao Corps and the other is called Guangming Corps. The Xiaoyao Corps is composed of players from the Xiaoyao, Ethereal, Fairy, Kunlun, and Emei clans. Players from these immortal clans are free to join the Xiaoyao Corps or choose not to. The Light Corps is made up of players from the Light Sect and the Alliance Buddhism of the Light Sect. Monk players from the original corps can also join the Light Corps. So far, the Wuxin Corps has six combat corps, including the Xuanyuan Corps, the Lost City Corps, the Qianlong Corps, the Shadow Corps, and the Xiaoyao Corps. In addition to the combat corps, an auxiliary corps called the Logistics Corps was added. The Logistics Corps specializes in providing construction, elixir and other services for combat corps. So a simple list of legions appeared in front of me: Shadow Corps, Corps Commander, Inadvertent,large ficus tree, Deputy Corps Commander, Temporary Vacancy, Ten Senior Commanders.. Xuanyuan Corps, commander of the regiment, big don’t understand, deputy commander of the regiment, pig is not stupid, ten senior commanders. Lost City Corps, Corps Commander, Gao Shan,silk cherry blossom tree, Deputy Corps Commander, One General Success, Ten Senior Commanders.. Qianlong Corps, Commander of the Corps, Hongzhu, Deputy Commander of the Corps, Ruthless Wind and Moon, Ten Senior Commanders.. Xiaoyao Corps, Commander of the Corps, in the pile of books, Deputy Commander of the Corps, Ethereal Fairy (the patriarch and elder of the Ethereal Clan), ten senior commanders.. Bright Corps, Commander of the Corps, Light Monk, Deputy Commander of the Corps, Wine and Meat Monk, Ten Senior Commanders.. Logistics Corps, Corps Commander, silk olive tree ,large palm trees for sale, Leaf, Deputy Corps Commander, I am a loser, five senior commanders.. In addition, each corps has set up 50 to 100 intermediate commanders, as well as many junior commanders. In order to increase the cohesion of the unintentional regiment, I applied for the establishment of an organization with the same power as the commander of the regiment, the regiment committee. As the highest organization of the unintentional legion, the legion committee is composed of the commander of the legion and the commander and deputy commander of each major regiment. The legion committee mainly discusses all the major affairs of the unintentional legion and decides the major decisions of the unintentional legion. A day later, the first Plenary meeting of the Wuxin Legion Committee was officially held in Tianxin Fairy Mountain. Episode 6 Chapter 57 Military Operations “Notice, the last notice of the unintentional legion to the players of the two clans: please note that the players of the big Han world, the Tianwai clan and the Flying Dream clan are not established by the players in this area, but the forces of R country infiltrating into the big Han world.”. Therefore, the unintentional legion decided to attack Tianwaifeimengxian Mountain in two days, please automatically break away from Tianwaizu or Feimengzu in two days, otherwise the unintentional legion will not be responsible for killing to zero.. In the central square of the Jade Emperor Hall of Heaven, players suddenly saw many people playing such a slogan at the same time. Subsequently, the same words began to appear in the public channel of the system. In Tianwaifei Mengxian Mountain, the boy was so angry that he shouted to go to the square for PK. His almost idiotic actions were immediately stopped by Mengtian and Feifenghuang, and going to the square for automatic PK was tantamount to suicide. But the things that made them unhappy soon happened one after another. First, it was announced that the Flying Immortal Clan, the Flying Sword Clan, and several Immortal Clans had formed an alliance with the Wuxin Legion. Subsequently, five immortals, including the Xiaoyao Clan, as well as the Guangming Sect, announced at the same time that they had officially joined the Wuxin Legion. Soon, a large number of players took the initiative to quit the two families of Tianwaifeimeng, and there were only a hundred people left in the two families of Tianwaifeimeng. And these hundred or so people have long been transferred from the magic world. Just when the heaven was making a lot of noise, the action of the unintentional legion in the human world began. Decisions on these operations were made by the First Legion Committee. At the first meeting of the legion committee, the following decisions were made in secret: First, the supreme decision of the unintentional legion was made by the legion committee, and the supreme command of the unintentional legion was made by the regimental commander. Second, the legion committee appointed Wuxin as the commander of the Shadow Corps, Daxue as the commander of the Xuanyuan Corps, Xiaozhu Buben as the deputy commander of the Xuanyuan Corps, Gaoshan as the leader of the Lost City Corps, Yijiangong as the deputy leader of the Lost City Corps, Hongzhu as the leader of Qianlong Corps, Fengyue Ruthless as the deputy commander of Qianlong Corps, and Xiaoyao Corps in the book pile. Fairy is the deputy commander of Xiaoyao Corps, Monk Guang is the commander of Guangming Corps, Monk Wine and Meat is the deputy commander of Guangming Corps, Xiaoye is the commander of Logistics Corps, and I am a loser. All other original commanders are automatically promoted to one level, that is, the original unified commander is promoted to an intermediate commander. If the contribution of the legion exceeds the average line, it will be promoted to the second level and rewarded according to the size of the contribution. If you have joined the unintentional legion for more than a month and your contribution is less than 100, you will be kicked out of the legion directly. This rule will remain valid in the future. Third, in the next month, the unintentional legion must be completely controlled by the three realms and the big fellow, as the base of the unintentional legion and the three realms king company. At the same time, the unintentional legion began to develop secretly to the Tang Dynasty. Fourth, when fully prepared, attack the Shura world and the magic world. After the meeting, the first thing I did was to close the space passage of the Imperial City. The second thing is to take a part of the Lost City Corps and the Qianlong Corps, which have been secretly gathered for a long time, to Yama City (the original King’s Lost City) and join the Lost City Corps that has been attacking Yama City. Old. How’s the battle going? Boss, according to your way,faux grass wall, we are consuming their medicine. But the effect is not big, the ghost clan can directly use the ghost to refine the medicine, is not afraid of us to consume the medicine. 。


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