The Otherworldly Evil Emperor _Wind Over the World_txt Novel Heaven

But now Jun Moye found that he was obviously worrying too much. A hundred miles of clouds want to kill them is the second, the real key question is, do you want to kill? If you don’t want to kill yourself, even if you ask for it, even if you beg, it’s in vain. If you want to kill, even if a hundred miles of falling clouds strongly beg to keep their lives, it is also according to kill! All this, in fact, has nothing to do with a hundred miles of falling clouds. The matter here is already his own, Jun Moye’s business! Jun Moxie gave a clear roar, and his white clothes fluttered. The body suddenly accelerated in an instant, and in an instant it changed three directions in a row, cutting in and out, straight as a ghost, and then turned back. Standing five Zhangs away, coldly looking at a hundred miles of Xiongfeng, killing in the eyes, almost to be twisted into the essence! “Moye is going to kill!” Eagle Bokong keenly felt Jun Moye suddenly rushed out of the monstrous killing, dignified way. All the people present always regard this supreme strong man as the highest, and the Great Eagle Supreme is also famous for his flying skills in the world. At the moment, only he can clearly understand every move of Da Shao. The rest,smart boards for conference rooms, even the three brothers of the East, who are also famous for their body skills, can hardly see through when Jun Moye performs his extreme speed body skills! Jun Moye just changed his position continuously, which was the three biggest loopholes in the style of Baili Xiongfeng at that time, and also the dead corner of Baili Xiongfeng! But there will be a near-death counterattack. So Jun Moye flashed back and looked for a better opportunity. Sikong Dark Night has been paying close attention to all the developments of the whole thing from the beginning to the end. At this point, he couldn’t help sighing: “This boy is really making progress step by step, and his strategy is extremely brilliant!”! First, he stole the show by a show of strength and forced Baili Xiongfeng to appear with a murderous look,electronic board for classroom, thus pressing him at a disadvantage in one fell swoop. The speed of his posture was the only one I had ever seen in my life. There was no suspense about this battle. “Jun San Shao has always dominated the war situation, after successfully provoking the war situation, instead of killing, the gas field retains detection, using some words.”. Step by step, it arouses the strongest anger of Baili Xiongfeng from the deepest place, makes him lose control of his emotions, abandons his usual Pure Brightness, and thus misjudges; then it strikes a thunderbolt, hurts Baili Xiongfeng’s right hand, and disrupts the rhythm of Baili Xiaofeng.. Until now, only then finally reveals the fangs, displays the extremely fast posture, prepares the fatal blow! This link, although only two people fight alone, touch screen whiteboard ,4k smart board, is the most brilliant and most labor-saving means against the enemy! “I can’t imagine that the three young men of your family in the rumor, the first dandy spendthrift of Tianxiang, is such a powerful character!” In the voice of Sikong’s dark night, there is a deep envy. The gentleman beside him had no intention of having a big heart. In the future, however, I dare not compete with this precious nephew casually. This posture has improved again. If I compete again, I will really be defeated by that boy! “Dongfang Asks Dao with a lingering fear.” Shut up for being old and disrespectful. The strangest thing for me is the hundred-mile male wind. With his identity, what do you care about with Moye? Go directly to find Jun and have no intention to ask for justice. What’s the matter? With the family tradition of your family, you have no intention of protecting your shortcomings, but Moye’s case is really inappropriate. But now it’s good, not up and down, no face to live after losing, winning is also a joke. It’s ridiculous to be a mysterious strong man, but to be so serious with a boy of sixteen or seventeen! The voice of Dongfang Wenjian was very contemptuous, showing an undisguised contempt for the leader of the Baili family. But when he was forced out by Moye, he was already in a mess. This was probably the Qi traction between the two of them, which could not be easily detected by a third party. If I were not far stronger than them, I might not be able to detect it. The eagle fights the sky is the supreme strong person, the knowledge nature is broad, hits the nail on the head to say which key: “After comes out, the rhythm is completely has Moye to grasp.”. Unless Baili Xiongfeng turns around and goes in without speaking, Moye may not be able to continue. But as long as he speaks, Moye will be able to use the upper hand of Qi, traction control of a hundred miles of Xiongfeng step by step rage! And then kill him! “Bailixiong..” Xiong Xiong.. The wind is also too wife. There is no conservation. “Duanmu Chaofan made the big muscle on his neck bulge out and said with difficulty:” just just.. By such a little.. Young and angry became this, this, this. Like this! Lao Lao. Look, look.. See no.. Get up with him! Sikong cried out in pain in the dark night, and was dizzy by this series of stuttering. Do you have good manners? If I change you to the position of Baili Xiongfeng, let you try? It is estimated that you will be angry to death without Jun Moye’s hands. Sikong looked at him contemptuously in the dark night. “It doesn’t hurt to stand and talk. What’s the atmosphere?” People think, it is indeed the truth, I believe that for anyone in the position of a hundred miles of glory, so humiliated by Jun Moye, I am afraid it is also unbearable. If it’s really replaced by Duanmu Chaofan. With his stammer. Jun Moye can suffocate him even if he can’t die of anger. That boy has too many tricks. Attention, here comes the main event! The eagle-like eyes had been watching the battle situation, and suddenly made a sound to remind him. Baili Xiongfeng obviously felt Jun Moye’s cold and murderous look, which made his mind in a frantic state suddenly clear, and the feeling of extreme danger made him subconsciously use his own unique skill: crazy dragon palm! In the roar of strength, suddenly appeared all over the sky palm shadow, each palm with the strength of the stone, rumbling toward the direction of Jun Moye pressure in the past, in an instant has converged into a palm mountain, crashing down! All over the sky in the shadow of the palm, Jun Moye’s figure in white once again a flash of speed, leaving a shadow in situ, in the palm of the wind into a smash, but his real body has been in front of a hundred miles of Xiongfeng, or even in the embrace of a hundred miles of Xiongfeng, almost face to face with the general,interactive flat panel display, toward a hundred miles Xiongfeng grinned. White teeth shining with a faint magnetic light, like the eyes of a hungry wolf in the cold winter night, a faint flash. Baili Xiongfeng was shocked and retreated rapidly with all his strength. But it was too late!.


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