The Hindu University of America offers instruction in philosophical systems based on Hinduism that emphasize critical thinking, morality, and introspection. It trains students for service, leadership, and involvement in the world by fostering Hindu culture and traditions in a setting of academic achievement and independence. Hindu university of America offers many courses as vedic courses, Sanskrit courses, courses in vedic studies, hindu vedic.

TAT7201 – This course is the first of a 6-part Course Sequence that explores the great epic of India, The Mahābhārata

Aimed at intermediate and advanced students, this course will prepare them to read the Mahābhārata thoughtfully, using the tools of philosophy, logical inquiry, hermeneutics, and poetic theory. Students will learn to locate the Mahābhārata within a textual tradition extending backward into the Vedic Saṃhitās and forward into the Purāṇas and Āgamas. They will also develop an appreciation for why, even today, this text continues to be foundational for the living tradition of Hinduism. Thereafter, we shall explore the history/myth distinction for the Mahābhārata which will allow us to appreciate the text as a dharmaśāstra and a mokṣaśāstra and as a work of epic poetry i.e, a mahākāvya.

This course will also provide a comprehensive overview of the extent and divisions of the Mahābhārata and its different editions. Students will learn to read and work with the critical edition, about textual and historical issues, and Mahābhārata Scholarship.

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