Tempting the God of love

As soon as we arrived at Vickey’s, Xia Guangxi was frantic. How could she do this to me? I’m her boss! Then he repeated his recent treatment from beginning to end, which made Xia Hanxi’s ears grow calluses. She never said you weren’t her boss. Why are you so ungraceful? Even if his ears are calloused, he has to act as a temporary bartender. Who is he provoking? “You don’t know.” Xia Guangxi shook his hand to emphasize his pain. She doesn’t need to say, I can understand what she means, she doesn’t have me in her heart at all. “Not really?” Xia Hanxi was busy looking for the wine he had deposited, and it took him a while to find the bottle of good whiskey. Jeanie is not the kind of girl who is irresponsible. She should be accountable before she does personal things. From the beginning to the end, his second brother complained about the same thing: she helped the second brother of another family to shoot a film, and he could almost recite it. It’s true that she didn’t go to film until she finished explaining things, but it shouldn’t be like this. Do you know how painful it feels when I can’t find anyone to ask her anything? Xia Guangxi was already drunk before he started drinking. Xia Hanxi was worried that if he really poured the wine, he would be even crazier, but he still filled his second brother’s glass with whiskey. Just think of her as asking for leave! Xia Hanxi advised Xia Guangxi to relax and not care too much. She’s as strong as an ox, so she won’t ask for leave. But Xia Guangxi was ungrateful and took the glass and drank it down. Even a cow can get sick. Why else would you need a vet? Xia Hanxi could not agree with his second brother and thought he was too unfair. Veterinarians don’t treat cows. They only treat cats and dogs and other delightful pets. Xia Guangxi shouted. The implication is that Han Yizhen is not likable at all, so why did he pull him out to drink early in the morning? Xia Hanxi rolled his eyes and filled Xia Guangxi’s glass with wine, cursing him to get drunk. I think you are so angry because she is not around you. It has nothing to do with work. To put it bluntly, it is to knock over the vinegar jar. Nonsense Xia Guangxi jumped up. I’m just not used to it without her around. “Is it so simple?” Xia Hanxi asked his second brother. Everyone has a secretary, but you’re the only one without Jeanie. Are you really so fragile? This is a question worth pondering, and the answer already exists in everyone’s mind. As long as the people around them know that they have already fallen in love,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, but the two parties can not see clearly, so that they are still chasing. Xia Hanxi is an outsider, naturally at a glance. The problem is that the person involved is more ambitious, and he is slower than most people, and his mind is always drawing circles. He also thought about why he couldn’t do his homework without Han Yizhen? But he always thought it was a matter of habit and never thought more deeply, so that his eyes were full of questions. The relationship between you and Jeanie is really strange. It’s like a lover but not a lover. It’s like a employer but not a employer. What she does has gone beyond the scope of a secretary, but like a girlfriend. Unable to stand his second brother’s dullness, Xia Hanxi further reminded Xia Guangxi that he jumped as usual. What girlfriend? Don’t talk nonsense! His latest girlfriend is Sister Lin, not the one who is neither male nor female. Just talk nonsense. It’s none of my business anyway, and I don’t care. Xia Hanxi rolled his eyes again. But please don’t come to my company to find me when you have nothing to do. I’ve had enough of the harassment of Shixi and Yuxi. Recently, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,24v Gear Motor, my eldest brother will come to cry from time to time. Please worry about my mental state. Don’t drive me crazy, OK? In terms of bad luck, no one could compete with him for the championship. Almost everyone came to him, just like the gathering center of his cousins. When did he become so popular? “I know, I won’t go to the company to find you again.” Xia Guangxi reluctantly assured his younger brother that this was the last time. In order to reward his thoughtfulness, Xia Hanxi simply poured out the whole bottle of wine, and the two of them drank freely. Don’t blame me for being heartless. He’s had enough harassment. He just wants some peace and quiet. Here’s the key to the bar. Drink as long as you like until you feel good. ” Finally, he gave him the key to the bar, which was the last moral duty of his brother. I know, get out of here! Don’t interfere with my drinking. He said he was a good brother, but he turned out to be a heartbreaker. Xia Hanxi patted him on the shoulder, grinned, and then left, and all around was quiet in an instant. Xia Guangxi cursed his younger brother while looking for wine, staggering as if he heard Xia Hanxi’s words again, and paused for a moment. The relationship between you and Jeanie is really strange. Like a lover but not like a lover, like an employer but not like an employer. What she does has gone beyond the scope of a secretary, and she is like a girlfriend. No, it’s not! How could she be his girlfriend? His girlfriend has to be on call, and he can do whatever he wants, unlike her who completely ignores him. I don’t know which tie to wear today. Did you call me on your cell phone to ask me this question? …… She wouldn’t even give him advice on which tie to wear, she really would! Damn it.. Open a bottle of whiskey, Xia Guangxi almost moved Vickey’s the wine, but he is not happy, not at all. 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