If you are a recreational marijuana consumer, you might already know that marijuana strains with a excessive level of potency are the major deal, particularly at the moment. In actual fact, there is a huge collection of marijuana strains available this 12 months, some are new and California Dispensaries others have been around for a while. The strongest strains lately have increased to a THC level of 35 percent, which is sort of high. Some individuals counsel that the marijuana plant is unable to provide THC degree higher than that, Mexico Dispensaries but breeders are pushing the envelope and making it extra doable to exceed 35 % in THC level. Let us have a look at some of the strongest marijuana strains in 2017 which have come to the forefront. What is the strongest pressure of weed you might ask? Godfather OG is probably the most potent Find Cannabis Doctors strain on earth. This indica-dominant hybrid has been discovered to have THC percentage at 36% making it presumably the strongest marijuana strain ever! The Nova OG strain is likely to be the very best ever tested strain in the history of marijuana. Taekwondo originated in Korea and is a “striking” […] read more