Sidekick was created by 7th Floor specifically for the true enthusiast who is able to use both dry herb and concentrate. SideKick is distinguished by its solid-glass mouthpiece, self stirring function, vortex cooling chamber, and solid glass mouthpiece. If you are unsure which vaporizer to buy, I recommend that you browse my list of the top portable vaporizers or my desktop vaporizers. These are regularly updated to reflect any changes or new vaporizers. I bought one because I wanted to quit using a tobacco pipe and a water pipe with my herb. A bright LED screen lets you know the exact temperature you’ve picked, as well as the temperature the vaporizer is at as it heats up. The Volcano Hybrid was engineered by Storz & Bickel. It has a temperature range of 104 to 446 degrees F, which delivers a full flavor spectrum. The Hybrid’s app compatibility makes it easy to manage your vaporizer using your smartphone. The Volcano Vaporizer utilizes a vacuum system that pumps in fresh, filtered air, which is heated to temperatures needed for vaporization. Sometimes, it doesn’t make economic sense to fill a balloon. This exclusive coupon code is your chance to save 15% on all […] read more