Getting on and off the 650S requires the utilization of McLaren’s butterfly doors, which are hinged from the A-pillars and swing like a couple of swing wings. The tablet-style display on the middle console is just a bit small and lacks some latest touches like in-car apps. It’s a fun flair, and thankfully by supercar standards it doesn’t make getting in and out of the McLaren that difficult, but the doors swing open and parking in virtually any tight spaces is difficult. Combine that with the weak standard four-speaker speakers, and the 650S is probably better suited to weekend trips than big tours. The inside surfaces are generally lined with faux suede or leather, but somehow the 2023 McLaren 650S still feels only a little basic. On the 650S Spider, the convertible hardtop folds flat in about 17 seconds and could be capped at around 18 mph. The essential carbon fiber and aluminum body construction is exactly like the engine: a turbocharged and mid-mounted 3.8-liter V8. The McLaren 2023 650S absolutely gets the style to enhance strength, as the whole car looks more menacing and contentious than the MP4-12C. However, this time the energy was increased from 616 horsepower to […] read more