Technology is one of the most prominent factors in the growth of modern-day dentistry. These advances have allowed dentists to minimize risk, pain, and post-procedure issues with less discomfort and greater precision for the patient. As the dental experience and technology improve, anxiety and fear of the dentist have reduced. Dental cone computed tomography (CBCT) is one of the advancements that is becoming commonly used; it enhances the overall dental experience and provides new information to dentists.  What Is Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)?  In some situations, regular dental or facial x-rays are not producing results; when this occurs, a dental cone beam computed tomography scan can be used. It is a special x-ray machine that is not frequently used as the radiation exposure is more than regular dental scanners, however it is substantially less exposure than most hospital based x-ray systems. The CBCT allows accurate three-dimensional measurements of the patient’s hard tissue structures using radiographic imaging. The imaging provided by this technology is of a higher diagnostic quality and has excellent dimensional accuracy.  This technology has become increasingly available and provides dental clinics with quality 3D representations of the patient’s facial structure and tissues with reduced radiation hazards. CBTC […] read more