Flavours- With an extreme rise in the food & beverage industry, flavour demands are changing. We embrace this transformation and strive towards innovating tastes that fulfill the cravings of people across the globe. We at Veera explore the salty, sweet, sour, and bitter preferences of people with different regions and cultures. Not only this, we are well known for our superior tastes for food & beverage industries.   Fragrances-    The fragrance of a product often defines its uniqueness. A good fragrance in product attracts the user constantly to buy your product, We at Veera provide a unique fragrance solution for your product so that your customer always links to it. We use the finest ingredients and blend them with our expertise in perfumery to create a range of products that are clean, pure, and true in their aroma.   As a Flavour and Fragrance companies in India we provide fragrances for-  Incense Sticks Dhoop Cosmetics Detergent Powder Candle Shampoo Hair Oil  Cream  Talcum And many more…. Veera is a leading Flavour and Fragrance companies in India.  We have crafted this legacy since 1999 and now we are a leading brand in this industry.  Veera has a skilled and compassionate […] read more