Darknet markets are online black market platforms that facilitate the trade of illegal goods. These include drugs, weapons and sex products. These markets operate via an anonymizing network such as Tor and can be accessed only with a previously provided address. They also offer users multiple protections, including buyer and seller ratings for quality of service, escrow features that hold funds until orders are fulfilled and dispute resolution services. 1. Silk Road Silk Road was an online underground marketplace that allowed users to buy and sell illegal drugs, as well as other illicit goods. It was operated by Ross Ulbricht, who was arrested in October 2013. The site thrived because it offered buyers and sellers of illegal drugs the opportunity to conduct transactions anonymously using privacy technologies such as Tor and bitcoin. The website also used a feedback trading system where buyers gave feedback to sellers after they received their goods. Ulbricht was eventually convicted and sent to prison for life. Although his site was shut down in 2013, other darknet markets have emerged. Many of them use similar technology and services to Silk Road, such as escrow, Tor, and cryptocurrency transactions. These websites have since become an important part […] read more