The Saudi-led coalition reported downing “eight explosive laden drones and three ballistic missiles” launched by the Huthis at Saudi Arabia. The Saudi-led coalition reported downing “a Huthi explosive drone” certain for Saudi Arabia. The Saudi-led coalition reported downing “a ballistic missile and 6 explosive-laden drones” launched by the Huthis towards Jizan, along with a drone bound for Khamis Mushait. A Huthi military spokesperson reported that they had successfully focused King Khalid airbase in Khamis Mushait with a drone. A Huthi army spokesperson indicated that they’d hit Najran Airport and King Khalid airbase with four drones and two ballistic missiles. The Saudi-led coalition reported downing a Huthi “bomb-laden UAV” sure for Abha International Airport. A Huthi military spokesperson claimed that they’d targeted an “Aramco facility, Najran Airport and sensitive targets” in Najran with ballistic missiles and drones. Iran’s diplomatic spokesperson subsequently noted that “with constructive views and a dialogue-oriented approach, Iran and Saudi Arabia… U.S. CENTCOM Commander Kenneth McKenzie remarked that “Iran provides weapons, parts and experience to Huthi forces in Yemen for the purpose of attacking Saudi Arabia. The U.S. hailed “Saudi Arabia and Republic of Yemen Government’s dedication to a ceasefire and political course of in Yemen”, urging “all […] read more