Although advertisements perpetuated the stereotype of the female automobile buyer as a housewife–driving the kids to college and to the grocery store–career girls truly racked up the most miles out of any group . Despite possessing their 1st children later than ever, most ladies don’t ultimately pick their careers more than really like, marriage and motherhood. When we see other people for who they really are, what they definitely want – to be loved – both females and guys will locate the happiness they yearn for. The image of the single, childless ‘career woman’ is drawn so sharply in our minds, so deeply ingrained in culture and overused in media, it obfuscates the true story. Her experiences span the banking, telecommunications and non-governmental (believe-tank) sectors. She is the founder of VickibraH, a hub for writers, editors and TEFL teachers. To conclude, I will describe how I locate time to put this piece together. As I write, I have my second daughter attached to my back with a wrapper, and as she is sleeping, I am on my knees with my laptop on major of a pillow and my pillow on my couch. From time to time, it takes that much […] read more