The MacBook Air is among the most popular laptops on the market today. It’s known for its lightweight design, long battery life, and powerful performance. However, there are lots of MacBook Air tips and tricks that customers is probably not aware of. In this article, we will talk about some of the most useful suggestions and tricks that can make it easier to get the most out of your MacBook Air. Use Spotlight Search Spotlight Search is a strong tool that can provide help to quickly find anything on your MacBook Air. To access Spotlight Search, merely click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right nook of your screen or press Command + Spacebar. You can use Spotlight Search to search for files, emails, contacts, and even launch applications. It may prevent a number of time and make your MacBook Air more productive. Customize Your Dock The Dock is a bar of icons that sits at the bottom of your screen. You possibly can customize your Dock to incorporate your favorite apps or frequently used apps. To customize your Dock, simply click and drag an app icon to the Dock. You can also remove apps from the Dock […] read more