Sydney Backflow Testing


Hydrolink Plumbing can test your backflow prevention sydney device in the Sydney which is a legal requirement from Sydney Water Authority. If you do not test your device annually by a licenced backflow plumber sydney to make sure it is working properly and the test certificate submitted to them within 2 day of test. Sydney Water will shut off your water supply until it is tested, so it is crucial you follow these requirements or you will be without water. A plumber with a fully accredited backflow prevention license can install and test your backflow prevention devices. Hydrolink Plumbing are accredited to install and test backflow prevention devices in Sydney properties.

Only qualified sydney plumbers with backflow training and endorsement can test your backflow prevention valves. In Sydney, the Technical Regulator keeps a register of backflow prevention devices which must be tested and reported annually by a backflow endorsed, qualified plumber. The test results must be sent to the Office of the Technical Regulator within two weeks of the due test date. Hydrolink Plumbing are fully licensed, accredited and trained to perform all aspects of Backflow Device maintenance, commisioning and installation in Sydney. The licensed plumbers at Hydrolink Plumbing know everything there is to know about backflow. Call Hydrolink Plumbing to book a backflow test, or to install a new backflow prevention device.


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