Super Soldier King

“Of course, you are my father. How can I not care about you?” Gui Yilong said, “However, I didn’t expect them to take advantage of that time to start, and finally fall short of success. Dad, I’m sorry for you. I didn’t do a good job, and the country you worked so hard to lay down was destroyed like this.” “But the version I heard was a different one.” Gui Jinbai said, “I heard that when you knew I was caught by them, you were not worried, but very happy. As long as I die, you will be the boss in the future. Is there such a thing?” “Dad, how could it be? Who are you listening to? I don’t know how anxious I am when you have an accident. How can I be happy?” Gui Yilong said, “It must be Lu Huiting. It must be that smelly person who sows dissension. She must want to alienate our father and son’s feelings.” “If you care about me so much, why don’t you bring someone to save me yourself?” Gui Jinbai said, “You’re just worried that there will be rumors in Jianghu. So you’re just making a show. You don’t want to save me at all, do you? You want me to die in your heart, don’t you?” “Dad, what’s wrong with you? How can you think of me like that? I’m your own son. How can I want you to die?” Gui Yilong said, “You don’t know how anxious I was after you had an accident. I sent people everywhere to inquire about your news. I also thought about bringing people here in person. However, I knew that Lv Huiting and Jin Chengyou would take the opportunity to attack us. So, I couldn’t leave. So, on the one hand, I sent a lot of experts to save you, and on the other hand, I organized to prepare for their attack. Dad, Is it wrong for me to do so? At that time, I was thinking that if I saved you, and the other side let them succeed because of my absence, the hard-fought Jiangshan would be so cheap for them, and I would be even more ashamed to see you. Dad, we are biological father and son,liquid bottle filling machine, blood is thicker than water, and now is the critical time. We must not mess up, otherwise, let them see the joke. “A joke? Hum, am I still afraid of being laughed at? I have become a joke of others.” Gui Jinbai said angrily, “For so many years, I have always loved you. But what did I get after paying so much? What I got was your betrayal. What I got was that you ignored my safety. More importantly, you were not my son. I was cuckolded by that smelly woman, but I didn’t know that I had helped others raise my son for so long in vain.” “Dad, what are you talking about? How can I not be your son?” Gui Yilong said, “Dad, you can’t be fooled by that woman. She just wants to see us kill each other. She can reap the benefits of others. Dad, we are all locked up here now. We should think about how to get out of here now, and then talk about other things. Am I your own son? Isn’t it easy to verify?” As soon as we get out of here and do a paternity test, we’ll know everything. “No, I’m not a fool. I can tell if she’s lying to me or not.” Gui Jinbai said, water bottle packaging machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, “I worked so hard to bring you up, love you, in exchange for such a fate, since I have been caught, I did not think I could leave here alive, but I can not let people laugh, this matter I must personally solve, today, I must kill you.” The voice fell, Gui Jinbai’s eyes flashed a thick intention to kill, without hesitation toward Gui Yilong rushed over, thinking of so many years to be wearing such a big green hat do not know, Gui Jinbai’s heart was suffocated with a belly of fire, if he was caught, Gui Yilong brought people to save himself that is all right, but Gui Yilong actually put his own life and death. Then he is even more intolerable, do not kill Gui Yilong, it is difficult to vent the hatred of the heart. Gui Yilong where would be Gui Jinbai’s opponent ah, although much younger than Gui Jinbai, but, in front of Gui Jin Bai he simply did not have any resistance, plus, he was afraid of Gui Jin Bai since childhood, therefore, in the face of his attack instinct is to avoid, dare not have any resistance, so that he is more than Gui. Gui Jinbai knocked him to the ground with a punch and a nosebleed burst out. You must wash away your own shame. You are my shame. If I don’t kill you, I will be the object of ridicule all my life. Gui Jinbai said angrily. Dad, calm down. Calm down. I’m really your son. I’m really your son. Gui Yilong said nervously. However, Gui Jinbai just gave a sneer and ignored it. In his heart, he had already decided that Gui Yilong was not his son at all, but his own shame. If he didn’t kill Gui Yilong, Gui Jinbai would become the object of ridicule in Jianghu. More importantly, he also wanted to show his kindness to Lan Mei by killing Gui Yilong in order to ask for Lan Mei’s forgiveness. Gui Jinbai walked towards Gui Yilong step by step, and the latter’s heart beat faster and faster, as if it was going to jump out of his throat. Fear enveloped his heart. Suddenly, Gui Yilong’s hand touched a dagger on his body, and he had no time to think about why the man had put the dagger on his body just now. Now, he was thinking about protecting himself. Without hesitation, he pulled out the dagger and stabbed Gui Jinbai in the abdomen. Gui Jinbai did not think of Gui Yilong’s body still hiding a dagger, there is no defense, all of a sudden was stabbed into his abdomen by the dagger, blood flowing out along the wound, in fact, this is no wonder Gui Jinbai, normal people will think that Gui Yilong was caught, his weapons will definitely be searched away, how can there be a dagger hidden? How could he have thought that someone would put a dagger into Gui Yilong’s body? Blue Mei, sitting in the room, saw the scene clearly in her eyes. The expression on her face was very complicated. She couldn’t tell whether she was happy or sad. Yes,plastic bottle making machine, she really hated Gui Jinbai in her heart. It was he who killed his mother and he wanted to kill himself. But, anyway, he was also his father. Who was right and who was wrong in such a field now? It’s not so important anymore.


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