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Lan Mingyan appeared beside the head of the Blood Dragon Sect at this time. Obviously, the Xingyue Temple Mountain Protection Array was destroyed by him from the inside, and then let the people of the Blood Dragon Sect who had already hidden outside raid. At this time, the identity of Lan Mingyan, who has a cold temperament, is becoming more and more mysterious. Don’t worry, let me try again. Lan Mingyan snorted coldly and took out a piece of array plate to point out a few tricks. Besides, in the Xingyue Hall, the Lord of the Hall, Leng Zhiyun, and the ancestor of the Blood Dragon Sect, Poshan, are still too close to call. Leng Zhiyun’s dress flutters without any loss. Zu Po Shan was slightly injured and looked a little embarrassed. He looked a little miserable and could not be defeated. But the two factions of monks scuffle below gradually in addition to the results, Yan Xu get rid of the yuan Ying middle monk, like a tiger into the sheep general culling down, each sword will solve a few blood dragon disciples of the golden elixir. Zu Po Shan tried several times to get rid of Leng Zhi Yun and wanted to destroy the mountain protection array again. At the cost of injury, Zu Po Shan succeeded several times, and the heavy axe hit the gap in the array that had just been repaired, making a dull sound and a huge shock. But no matter how hard he tried,ibc spill containment pallet, the mountain protection array only trembled a few times, but there was no sign of breaking. I’ll pay for my life with you first if I do something bad to me! Zu Po Shan was so angry that he waved a heavy axe to block Leng Zhiyun, and his mouth opened wide to show a blood-red yuan Ying villain. Zu Po Shan’s yuan Ying was more than three feet tall, holding a tiger’s mouth knife to cut Yan Xu. Prior to the fight with Leng Zhiyun, Yan Xu knew that he was not the opponent of yuan Ying Dzogchen, and did not dare to take this move. Lao Jin, I’ll leave it to you. “Please call me Xiao Jin and don’t call me old!” Swallow day rat king tone slightly discontented, roll from Yan Xu cuff and turn into human form,secondary containment pallet, just stand firm then open huge mouth burst burst of suction. Zu Po Shan did not expect that there would be a 10-order spirit beast. At this time, yuan Ying was only ten feet away from Yan Xu. At such a close distance, Zu Po Shan had no reaction time at all, and watched yuan Ying being swallowed by the rat king. Nope Zu Po Shan’s eyes were red and he shouted in panic. No matter how he struggled, yuan Ying, who had a trace of induction, lost contact completely. yuan Ying Friar is strong in turning into yuan Ying, but once yuan Ying is injured or broken, the damage is also great. Now Zu Po Shan’s yuan Ying was swallowed up by the rat king, I’m afraid it’s not that simple to be injured. Without yuan Ying, Zu Po Shan was like a rootless tree. His face was like a pig’s liver, and his momentum kept falling. He almost fell directly from the air. Go to hell Leng Zhiyun’s sword pointed to a point, and the’bright moon ‘turned into an arc, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet suppliers, as thin as a cicada’s wing across the neck of Zu Po Mountain. Zu Po Shan’s angry eyes were wide open, and he would not close his eyes until he died. I didn’t expect that his life would end like this. It’s really delicious. It’s the first time to eat yuan Ying. The rat king patted his round little belly and said to Yan Xu with a proud smile, “Not bad, not bad. Let me eat this thing more often in the future. It’s a big tonic.” Yan Xu shook his head with a wry smile and pointed to the monks of the Blood Dragon Sect on the battlefield. He said, “This group of people in red Taoist robes, you can eat whatever you want. Make sure you are full.” Zu Po Shan, the deputy headmaster, died, and the morale of the disciples of the Blood Dragon Sect was more than half gone. When they heard Yan Xu say this again, everyone’s face changed greatly. Immediately, a small half of the disciples of the Blood Dragon Sect raised their hands to surrender, and the situation quickly turned to the favorable side of the Star and Moon Hall. Anyone who surrenders is dead! Disciples of the Blood Dragon Sect listen to orders and fight with me! The few remaining yuan Yingqi elders of the Blood Dragon Sect raised their arms and shouted loudly, trying to revive the morale of their disciples. They knew that they had offended the Xingyue Temple. If they surrendered, they would come to no good end. If they could hold on for a while, they might be able to get the support of the master. The disciples of the Blood Dragon Sect did not dare to disobey the orders of the elders and fought to the end. Disciples of the Hall of the Stars and the Moon obey orders, and those who put up a desperate fight will be killed! Leng Zhiyun ordered, and the temporarily quiet scene boiled up again. With yuan Ying Dzogchen’s Leng Zhiyun and the addition of the 10-order spirit beast swallowing the rat king, there is no suspense about the outcome. At this time, Lan Mingyan, Zu Wangcheng and others outside the Xingyue Hall were still helpless. Lan Mingyan’s face was extremely embarrassed, and he was fiddling with the array in a cold sweat. Bastard, who on earth broke my formation? In order to open a gap in the protection array of the Xingyue Temple, Lan Mingyan prepared for several years before he set up the mechanism without being noticed. Unexpectedly, only a few hours later, the control array in his hand lost its effectiveness. Zu Wangcheng ordered the elders and disciples to raise their magic weapons one after another, constantly attacking the Xingyue Temple to protect the mountain array, trying to break the array by brute force. The level 10 mountain protection array will not be broken for a while and a half, the shouts inside are getting smaller and smaller, and Zu Wangcheng’s mood is anxious. The people who rushed into the front battle accounted for half of the whole Blood Dragon Sect, including the deputy head Zu Po Shan. How could he not be worried? Elder Blue, do something! If it goes on like this, all my people will die! Zu Wangcheng couldn’t care less and shouted at Lan Mingyan. Stay away from me, you fool. You’ll look good on my clothes if you get them dirty. Lan Mingyan shook his clothes with a look of disgust and stepped back in disgust. You’re such a sissy. What time is it to take care of these things? Hurry up and find a way for me! Hearing the voice coming from the Hall of Stars and Moon getting smaller and smaller, Zu Wangcheng could no longer sit still and could not help using foul language. Lan Mingyan immediately changed color. Pointing at Zu Wangcheng, he screamed, “Do you dare to call me a sissy?”? All right, all right, I don’t care about what’s going on here. You can run your own course. With that, Lan Mingyan threw the array to pieces and would not leave with a few followers. Damn it, there’s no way to leave like this. Stay with me! Zu Wangcheng originally also scruples about the forces behind Lan Mingyan, but now kill red eyes, where also care so much, immediately to Lan Mingyan. Lan Mingyan seemed to have expected that he would crush a transmission symbol and disappear into the void. Headmaster, the people in the Hall of Stars and Moons have come out. What shall we do? An elder pulled Zu Wangcheng and said with a flustered look. Zu Wangcheng looked back,plastic pallet suppliers, and sure enough, the Hall of Stars and Moons had removed the mountain protection array, and Leng Zhiyun and Jiang Chuan came with their disciples in a threatening manner. Withdraw! Back to Zongmen! Zu Wangcheng was silent for a moment and gritted his teeth. Chapter 476 affiliated schools.


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