Sri Tri Jagadguru Peetham

The cow is equal to Fire as ‘She’ was born on account of Homa which is associated with Fire. Butter and ghee are loved by the gods when extracted from the cow’s milk using the wooden churning stick called ‘Kavvam’. Our culture suggests gifting away cows and gold during the religious rites like Yajna and Yaga besides the rituals to propitiate our ancestors.



1. Mata or Biological Mother – The mother who gave birth to us; 2. Mother Cow – Cow. 3. Bhoo Mata Bhudevi (Earth) 4. Sri Mata – Goddess Mother Goddess Mother, the deity in the Temples, presents ‘Herself’ in our midst in the above four forms to protect us by removing our difficulties and sufferings. There are 33 crore deities in the Gomata or Cow Mother.
2. If we circle the cow, it is equal to circumnavigating 33 Crore Gods in addition to our godly ancestors.
3. Feeding grass to a cow is like actually making an offering to the most supreme god or goddess.
4. Worshiping a cow is like worshiping a goddess.
5. We are not permitted to touch the idol of the deity in the sanctum sanctorum and decorate it with our hands. But if we decorate a cow it is equal to decorating a goddess.
6. If cows and calves walk on the ground, the dirt and dust that rises from their legs will fall on us when we walk behind them. Then it is as if we had bathed in a sacred Ganga. Such holiness exists only on this earth in the form of a cow.



7. Serving cows makes us get rid of our sins accumulated over several births. It also leads to having good offspring. This is in addition to obtaining divine grace easily. We will be blessed as such with various fortunes.
The root word, “Go” translates to cows, cattle, virtue, earth, water, sky, Veda, and the Word.
Lord ‘Govinda’ is the one who protects all the above.The home, place, State, and country where the cow resides will keep flourishing with all kinds of fortunes. Those who are unable to perform the ancestral rites and rituals of annual ceremonies as laid down in the scriptures in the correct order may offer grass, vegetables, fruit, and fodder to the cow the way she eats them while remembering the said ancestor. Then, it is equal to propitiating our godlike ancestors and delivering them to the higher worlds. Doing this is equal to obtaining ‘Punya’ of repaying the debt we owed to them as their progeny.
Even while properly conducting ancestral rites, making an offering to the cow will still yield good results. We extend such a great opportunity on behalf of Jagadguru Peetham. You may contact us in connection with the service programs such as donating land for cowsheds, gifting cows for the conservation of cattle, offering grass and fodder for sustaining cows, and/ or donating useful medicines that would give strength to the cows.



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