Sou Shen Ji

The two of them concentrated and heard every word they said clearly. Just listen to a thin man way: “Tell me, who has a better chance of winning the election of the Qing Emperor next year?” Another man with a pale face said in a strange tone, “Gu Hou Sheng, I think anyone is possible, but you, the single Lord of Zimu City, don’t have this blessing.”. Even the three wives in the family can’t manage it. Do you still manage the world? The crowd burst into laughter. But Gu Housheng was not angry. “Damn it,” he said with a smile, “Yin and Yang ghosts, what do you know? The wife in the family is like an elder in the clan. Only those who can respect the elder can be the Qing Emperor.” The crowd burst out laughing and said, “Yes, yes, the elder of the single city master’s family is really very old.” Gu Hou laughed and said, “Lord Shan naturally doesn’t have this ambition, but your Lord is different.”. Zong Chunshao, these days you Ma Chengzhu run to Qingteng City every three or five times. Have you seen enough of the houses in the city’s hometown? A middle-aged man with a long beard smiled and said, “I haven’t seen enough of the house, but I’ve seen enough of the face of a single castellan.”. Every time I was preempted by the single city Lord, I was ashamed. The crowd laughed again. Tuo Ba Ye and Chi You listened for a moment, then the heart is clear. They are discussing the election of Qing Emperor next year. It seems that in addition to the God of wood and the God of thunder,304 Stainless Steel Bar, there are also four castellan who are quite promising candidates. As a result, the city envoys ridiculed each other. Shan Ding of Zimu City and Ma Sinan of Lengguang City were both famous figures of the Mu clan. They also had a deep friendship with Qiao Yu, but they were afraid of Emperor Qing and did not dare to send reinforcements during the battle of Mirage City. When Chiyou heard the names of the two men, there was a slight anger on his face. Tuo Ba Ye felt the fluctuation of his mind and knew his heart. He smiled and whispered, “It’s not easy to get a little revenge. All you need to do is to disturb their situation next year and not let them be satisfied.”. Hey, listen to what else they say first. When Chiyou heard this, he could not help but be naughty when he thought of “stirring up the situation.” He felt that it was really fun to destroy their good deeds. His anger was greatly reduced, and he took a sip of tea with a smile. Zong Chunshao said,brushed stainless steel sheet, “The election of the Qing Emperor is based on prestige and ability. No matter who you are, you need to be able to unite the whole clan and convince people.” The crowd nodded yes. Zong Chunshao said, “In fact, we all know the most powerful candidate. Apart from the God of Wood and the God of Thunder, I’m afraid there is no third person.” An old man nodded and said, “That’s right. Apart from the two of them, if you want to find out who everyone admires from the bottom of their hearts, there will be none.”. But it’s hard to say which of the two of them can be the Qing Emperor at the moment. The ancient Marquis grinned and said, “Kong Laojun, in my opinion, the wooden God is the most likely.”. As early as ten years ago, he was the first magician in the East, and his ability to manage the city-state was outstanding. You see, in Huacheng this day, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,304 stainless steel wire, the weather is good, and the people live and work in peace and contentment. Hey, you can’t refuse to accept such a peaceful scene. “I don’t think so,” said the Yin and Yang ghost in a strange voice? Thor’s city of Razor is also very rich. Besides, haven’t you heard about the reincarnation of the Empty Mulberry Fairy to send the Holy Grail to Thor? Hearing the words “Empty Mulberry Fairy,” Tuo Ba Ye looked at Chi You and said to him, “Could it be that the Empty Mulberry Fairy has finally returned to the Great Wilderness?” The crowd roared, and someone wondered, “So you’ve heard, too?”? I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it along the way. The crowd was in an uproar and said, “The reincarnation of Kongsang Fairy?”? Are you serious? And who is that? “I didn’t see it,” said the Yin and Yang ghost, “but all the villagers along the way are spreading it. Said to see a fairy girl riding the snow feather crane of the empty mulberry fairy. Suddenly listen! There was a sharp clang, and the crowd turned around and looked at the two strange young men with strange expressions on their faces, as if they were both ecstatic and frightened. The young man carrying the giant tree on his back had crushed the teacup in his hand, and blood flowed through his fingers, but he did not know it at all. Another teenager scolded, “Damn it, boss, what kind of cat urine tea is this?”? Quickly change the pot for the young master. The boy with the giant tree on his back also shouted, “If you take such a bad thing again, I won’t crush your bowl, but tear down your house!” When they saw that they were ferocious and had a heavy responsibility, they could not be provoked, so they all turned their heads and continued to talk. The tea man hurried over and changed the bowl of tea for the two of them. Chiyou just heard the Yin and Yang ghost say that the “reincarnation of the Empty Mulberry Fairy” was clearly delicate. Under the shock in his heart, the True Qi was so strong that it shattered the teacup. Fortunately, Tuo Ba Ye acted according to circumstances and did not arouse people’s doubts. He cried out in shame. The two of them were surprised and happy, clapping their hands secretly and listening attentively. The Yin and Yang ghost continued, “The Kongsang Fairy has been exiled to Tanggu for more than two hundred years. Even if she doesn’t die, she’s an old woman.”. Looking at the girl’s appearance, she was determined not to be an empty mulberry fairy. If it’s not the reincarnation of the Empty Mulberry Fairy, what is it? The crowd was amazed. “That’s not the most surprising thing,” said the Yin and Yang ghost. “I heard that a few days before the reincarnation of the Empty Mulberry Fairy, he went to the city of Lei Ze to visit the God of Thunder and gave him a treasure as a gift.” He suddenly lowered his voice and said, “I heard that the treasure is the longevity cup of the clan.” Everyone was discolored. Kong Laojun frowned and said, “The Longevity Cup has been missing for more than three hundred years. Is it in the hands of the Kongsang Fairy?”? I’m afraid the news is false. The Yin and Yang ghost changed color and said, “Hey, can’t I lie to you?”? To tell you the truth, there are my good friends in Thor’s mansion, but they can see it with their own eyes! Everyone looked more dignified and looked at each other in silence. Tuo Ba Ye and Chi You were so surprised that they thought about it for a long time, but they couldn’t figure out what cup Qianqian had taken away when she left Gulangyu. Could it be that anyone among the heroes had hidden such a treasure, and she didn’t dare to speak when she took it? Even so, she was eager to find her mother, and why did she divert the cup to the unknown Thor? The two men racked their brains and could not think of a reason, but they felt very wrong in their hearts. Zong Chunshao said thoughtfully, “If this is really the case,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, it means that Thor has the help of the reincarnation of the Empty Mulberry Fairy and the lost and recovered Holy Grail of his own clan.”. Hey hey, next year’s election of the Qing Emperor, I’m afraid the outcome is unpredictable. The ancient Marquis said with a smile:.


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