Runaway freshwater fish

Yi Jiangnan was very satisfied that Fang Weihang just vaguely led her into the door, followed by saying “SORRY” and rushed to the fragrant crowd to communicate. I can walk back and forth by myself, and I feel very comfortable. There were waiters who carried trays around the crowd to serve the chewing of these noble people. Yi Jiangnan also took a cup of light red liquid in his hand, so as not to be too uncomfortable empty-handed. The waiter looked at Yi Jiangnan strangely, and Yi Jiangnan found that the waiters here were all wearing white T-shirts and jeans. This is also good, standing in the crowd does not seem strange at all, nor is it easy to be found by Zheng Li. HI,TIN!” A woman called out over there. Hearing this sound, Yi Jiangnan dropped his chicken skin with a “wow” sound. Even if the ears did not recognize it, the goose bumps on the body also recognized the sound that went into the bone marrow. Following the sound, I saw an enchanting backless man waddling to the door. Over there, a pair of men and women holding hands came face to face. Sure enough, the man’s eyebrows were engraved in the bottom of Yi Jiangnan’s heart-Mr. Zheng Li. That woman, wait, Yi Jiangnan carefully wiped his eyes, and sure enough, it was Zhou Qingqing! The slightly curly hair, the slender and elegant neck on the slip dress, and the crystal clear skin made everyone who saw her cry out from the pores of her whole body: “Look,316l stainless steel pipe, this is God’s gift!” The expected ending was an unexpected shock. At this moment, Yi Jiangnan knew what had disturbed him during this period of time, that is, Zheng Li looked at Zhou Qingqing’s eyes! So leisurely, watery, different from any previous love eyes! From the age of 16 to witness Zheng Li’s love history,uns c68700, Yi Jiangnan is familiar with the meaning behind any little action of Zheng Li in front of women, but every line on Zheng Li’s face is strange: that kind of serenity is strange, that kind of satisfaction is strange, that kind of sweet aura is strange.. The woman who went up to meet him obviously felt this strange and laughed in an exaggerated voice: “Oh, TIN, what took you so long?”? I don’t know if people are waiting for you until your feet are sore? We agreed that you would take me to the bar you said last time when we broke up. Said regardless of 3721 took Zheng Li’s left hand. Zheng Li pulled out his arm politely but firmly and said to the woman with a smile, “I’m sorry, Xiaojie. I have other things with my girlfriend after a while.”. By the way, I forgot to introduce you. This is Xiaojie, and this is my girlfriend Zhou Qingqing. “Hello, call me Qingqing!” The little fairy smiled innocently, and gracefully held out her little hand to the big backless, drawing a sweet arc in the sharp air. I hate it. How many times have I told you not to call her Xiaojie? Call her AMANDA. Oh, a333 grade 6 pipe ,316ti stainless steel, is Qingqing still reading? Which university is it? England or Canada? The big backless wind and rain do not change, one after another. Oh, I’ve come out to work in the city health department. Zhou Qingqing seemed to be completely unable to hear any bones, just smiling seriously. Instead, the backless dress suddenly stiffened the body line. I don’t know if it was an illusion. Yi Jiangnan actually felt that the arrogant beauty was a few centimeters shorter for no reason: “Zhou Qingqing?”? City Health Bureau? Are you the daughter of Secretary Zhou? TINA is not saying that you are RYAN. Oh, look what I’m talking about. I’ve heard about you from TINA, but I haven’t had a chance to see you. I didn’t expect that the first time I saw you, I was stamped with the seal of my real girlfriend by Zheng Dashuai! Hehehe. TIN is really moving fast. The big backless laughed eerily at Zhou Qingqing, who had changed color slightly. Zheng Li is still unconscious and smiling, as if unaware of the three words “Secretary Zhou” that shocked the backless dress. Fall in the eyes of others in any case will feel that Zheng Li so indifferent appearance is extremely affectation, only Yi Jiangnan know Zheng Li indifferent up is indifferent. She doesn’t know how big the title of “Secretary Zhou” is, but for Zheng Li, women are women, just like clothes are for wearing, bath lotion is for bathing, and women are for love. So, Zheng Limin, who loved her heart and soul, felt that the woman in her arms had an unnatural reaction to the backless dress, so she tightened her hand slightly on Zhou Qingqing’s waist and said, “I know my girlfriend is very beautiful, but Xiaojie, can you stare at her with such hungry eyes?”? Even if you were a woman, I would be jealous. With that, he nodded and took the tearful little fairy out of the hall and went to the courtyard of the club to breathe. The big backless stamped his feet with some hatred, his eyes were very resentful, and in a twinkling of an eye he smiled and went in the other direction. Seeing Zheng Li and Zhou Qingqing’s back disappear in the doorway, Yi Jiangnan withdrew his eyes for half a day, feeling bored, alas, this is the end of the evening. Turn round to come, might as well bump into with the person, “Alas!” The other side Jiao exhaled, the red liquid on Yi Jiangnan’s hand immediately flew shallow to the other side’s golden dress, Yi Jiangnan had no time to secretly shout bad has been slapped by the other side in the face, burning pain burned Yi Jiangnan in situ. Haven’t you ever been trained? You dare to come out without holding the wine glass. Call your supervisor and fire this person immediately! Otherwise, he won’t get a penny for the service fee of this SHOW! Staring at Yi Jiangnan’s face coquettishly seems to have seen it somewhere? The head was simply black for ten seconds, Yi Jiangnan’s consciousness was restored, and the pain on the left side of her face reminded her of the existence of the slap just now. All the people around looked to this side, and even the original waiters were silly in place. Yi Jiangnan quietly walked over to a waiter,uns c70600, grabbed the champagne on the tray, walked back, and poured a whole bottle of wine over the woman’s head in the crowd’s exclamations! Chapter 7.


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