Reliable and High-Quality Powder Coating NJ Services

Rusty Lions is committed to offering the best experience to its customers. Whether working for an old or a new customer, we prioritize each of them and give them all our attention and expertise. Throughout our services, we use advanced technology and customer-focused processes to satisfy all our customers completely. 

As the top powder coating NJ company, we don’t compromise either our service or quality. This means that you can get superior quality work from top powder coating professionals. We aren’t just the best powder coating NJ company; we also provide sandblasting, custom powder coating, architectural powder coating, nylon powder coating, and vinyl powder coating services. 

Powder Coating is the Most Effective Way to Treat Metals

We all like perfection. This is why seeing our products damaged at home or in a commercial setting leaves us pondering how we could have protected them better. We strive to change anything imperfect or unpleasant. 

The best way to add value and increase the life of your products is Powder coating. Our powder coating NJ provides a neat and flawless coat that’s applied electrostatically and cured under proper heat for maximum results. 

Powder coating has several benefits over traditional wet paint as it doesn’t require any solvent. Additionally, it’s much more durable than wet paint and can be used to coat various objects. We’ve successfully handled a wide array of objects in the past with our powder-coating NJ services, and we’re always open to new work. 


Whatever your powder coating needs or the nature of your request, the professionals at Rusty Lions can easily handle everything. We also specialize in coating large accessories and parts in our oven. At the same time, we also cater to small projects and deliver residential jobs with perfection. Call 347-613-8103 or mail us at [email protected] to know more about powder coating NJ.


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