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Fu Bei leaned over to kiss her, but she slanted her head without any trace and dodged. The original does not forgive, can let go, there is no meaning. . Two days later, some gossip about the Zhou family came out. It seemed that there was something else about Mr. Zhou’s illness. He was so angry that he fell ill. Something happened to the Zhou family. I heard that the product quality inspection was not up to standard. It could have been handled properly. It seemed that it had offended someone and was directly named and criticized. It happened so suddenly that it was too late to guard against it. What was more unfortunate was that it seemed that someone wanted to engage in the Zhou family and posted it on the Internet. The gimmick was quite enough to directly attack the quality and health problems. The network is the easiest to misrepresent, a small matter can be spread to the earth-shaking people’s livelihood news, the Zhou family spent a lot of money to quickly suppress this matter. Josie searched the Internet, but found no relevant news reports. She was very curious about what was going on. Is it related to Liang Jincheng? Chapter 41 41 Often walking by the river where there is no wet shoes, Liang Jincheng is not a good thing, follow him to mix to weigh their own weight, but no matter whether it really matters, as long as it has nothing to do with the Qiao family. Zhou family had an accident, Zhou Meihe mother and son and Zhou Jiaqi all stopped for a long time, luxury goods are not bought, all kinds of occasions can not see the figure, it seems that even the door is not out. It was only after a while that Josie realized that it was the higher authorities who wanted to catch the typical example, and that anyone in the Chou family who dared to show off a little bit of the limelight might be pinched and made an issue of it. Good and evil people are mixed up in the health food market. Recently, there have been several related frauds in Jiangcheng. The swindlers have blown the efficacy of health care products to the skies. Some old people have been cheated tens of millions of yuan. A special group has been set up to crack down on this. Now they are holding back their big moves. They are not sure which company will be operated on, and the unqualified quality inspection is an excellent knife edge. Of course, the Zhou family is not the only one who is not qualified,asrs warehouse, so the Zhou family has recently been so quiet and low-key, secretly looking for connections to rely on, for fear of being dragged out to take the lead. The Qiao family has been divided up in the past few years, but this time nothing has happened. Now Qiao Zhou’s two families are related by marriage, but business is business, has been clear that Weijing has no relationship, no matter how the Zhou family can not make too much impact on the Qiao family, so Qiao Xi is not worried about Qiao Jianliang. Besides,heavy duty metal racking, Qiao Jianliang was not a fool. When he learned about the Zhou family, he immediately left it clean. He also invited several old acquaintances of the same trade to have a meal. A group of people pushed a cup for a change, and they all knew it. They were in the same boat for the time being. Josie finally took the bank card that Qiao Jianliang had given him before, checked the amount, and was stunned. She put the card away, considered for a long time, or did not call to ask Qiao Jianliang, Qiao Jianliang said that this card is for her. During this period of time, Fu Bei came from time to time, the gate of the community would be stopped by security, she went to the shop, occasionally met Qiaoxi busy can only wait for half a day. The university teacher is busy and relaxed. She is now teaching advanced mathematics for freshmen. She has to do a lot of preparatory work when she first enters the industry. Workplace relations are also a big problem. As a young Zhipin professor, it is difficult to convince people if she does not show her achievements quickly after work. Over time, she will inevitably be implied by her colleagues in private. Josie did not pay much attention to Fu Bei’s affairs, warehouse storage racks ,pallet rack shelving, but sometimes saw this person preparing lessons, often preparing for a certain meeting. Qin Wu will also come here, but all in the daytime, just staggered with Fu Bei. Do you plan to travel for the Spring Festival this year? Qin asked, helping to pass the tattoo tools. Josie was tattooing with the guests. She was serious and careful. During the break, she replied, “I don’t know yet. It’s a long time before the Chinese New Year. Let’s see then.” Having expected that she would answer like this, Qin smiled and said, “You may not want to go anywhere like you did last year.” Last year, Qin Wu asked her to go to Thailand to play. That’s what Josie said. At that time, Qin Wu made a mistake. He thought she had this plan and made a strategy in advance. As a result, he asked again before the Chinese New Year. Josie forgot about it at all. Josie is too lazy, unlike Qin Wu, does not like to run around all over the world, usually used to stay in a place for a long time, nothing to stay at home, do not want to move. She lowered her head for a long time and her neck was sore. She twisted and slanted her head to look at Qin Wu. Then she wore a mask and buried her head in it. She said, “I want to have a rest during the Spring Festival. I don’t want to run around. Otherwise, I will be tired when I come back to work after the Spring Festival.” “You’re not short of money. Do you have to work after the New Year? It’s the same to open a month later. Anyway, not many people come in a month.” The same family is well-off, but the concept is very different. Qin Wu advocates enjoying carpe diem. Opening a tattoo parlor is just to pass the time. It is “doing the right thing”. It is used to block the mouth of his family. He always does what he wants to do. If he is in a good mood, he will open a shop for half a month. He is busy and tired. If he is in a bad mood, he will run around at home and abroad. He will go skydiving to Hawaii and take risks in New Zealand. Life is endless, while Josie likes to “mark time” and does not want to jump out of her comfort zone. She can stay at home for half a month, go shopping and eat alone, endure loneliness, and do not like to do anything thrilling. Both of them are deviant, but the direction of deviant is different, one is to life and the other is to family. There is nothing to do without opening a shop. Josie said in a somewhat perfunctory tone. Qin Wu, however, did not seem to understand that this was a refusal. He found a stool and sat down beside him, helping to adjust the light. “Then go out for a walk. Where do you want to go, Singapore or somewhere else?” “Are you going to Singapore?” Asked Josie. “Just saying, I don’t particularly want to.” Qin said, a test also knew that she did not want to, then no longer mention, see her immediately to continue to start, looked down, reminded, “don’t stab too deep, just like that.” Josh paused and raised his eyelids. “I know.” When I was an apprentice under Qin Wu, every time I did something wrong, I would inevitably be scolded by this person. Qin Wu asked for high love to teach people, and often caught a small mistake to find fault. Just when he was guiding, his tone was particularly gentle, and Josie was still a little uncomfortable. It was almost four o’clock in the afternoon,teardrop pallet racking, and it took more than three hours for the tattoo to end. While seeing off the guests and cleaning and disinfecting, Qin suddenly asked, “What are you busy with recently?” 。


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