Reborn Overlord: The Prince Regent Is Too Fierce

Seeing the ambiguous traces on his bare chest, Jin Sheng hurriedly turned his head and dared not look, just facing the humanity on the bed, “Change chips?!”! Impossible! It can only be a horse, and it must be a steed! Otherwise there’s nothing to talk about! Jin Yun repeatedly sneer, “so the father really took me for a horse?”? How shameless! His words were like a slap, and he fell down on Jin Sheng’s face! “Unbridled!” He flew into a rage and said, “What do you know?”! It’s your honor to contribute to the country! I was just slept with by a man, so what? You’re a bitch! Jin Sheng’s words deeply hurt Jin Yun! It was like a knife that tore his chest apart! At this moment, I heard the voice of Rucha coming from the curtain on the bed! “Yoon, don’t be rude.” This voice startled Jin Yun, he stayed in place half ring can not return to God, this is the voice of Gong Yimo? In the curtain, Gong Yimo said again, “As for Yu Heng’s majesty, this transaction, the king feels a loss no matter how he thinks about it. The horse is rare. Now that you’re here, we might as well continue to talk about the quantity.” “Bah!” Her words let Jin Sheng angry face all blue, he thought he had been very shameless, but did not want the other side more shameless! Sitting on the ground and raising the price, he lost a stunning son in vain! So extremely angry, he also did not care what, direct way, “do you think I am afraid of you?”? If you want to go back on your word, you can,pietra gray marble, at the worst, break up! It’s just ten thousand horses. I don’t want them! Jin Yun was surprised. “Isn’t it a thousand horses?” Jin Shengwen looked at him sympathetically. “Silly son, a thousand horses are just a deposit!”! Do not have ten thousand horses to want to borrow the way of Yu Heng to attack big Yu, the door is not! I still think I want less, but you still want to bargain? His words let the room quiet down, half ring, Gong Yimo just way, “allow son, you go out!” Jin Yun was so shocked at this time that he really went out obediently. But at this time,White Marble Mosaic, Jin Shengcai felt something was wrong. He rushed to the bedside and suddenly lifted the curtain, only to see a black in front of his eyes and lose consciousness. Jin Yuncai went to the door and saw him fall down, but he couldn’t come to his senses for a long time. Borrow a way for Lou Ye! Jin Sheng is not crazy, such a deal should also dare to agree?! If the other party goes back on his word temporarily, then it is equivalent to inviting the wolf into the house, and the whole Yuheng will suffer! He was shocked here, but Gong Yimo dragged Jin Sheng to the bed. He was stunned and said, “Aren’t you worried?”? Lou Ye has the idea of attacking Dayu! Gong Yimo stretched out his hand to pick up Jin Sheng’s clothes. Fortunately, Jin Sheng came in alone, otherwise he would have to frighten the snake. Hearing Jin Yun’s words, she rolled her eyes, “Lou Ye Wang is not a day or two to enter the Central Plains, what is there to be surprised about.” Her words made Jin Yun speechless and choked, and her hands clenched tightly into fists! Thinking that Yu Heng would be caught in the flames of war because of Jin Sheng’s mistake, he gnashed his teeth and said, “This thing can’t be done!”! If it does, Yu Heng is in danger! Gong Yimo smiled, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Pietra Gray Marble, “Jin Sheng is not too stupid, isn’t there ten thousand horses?”? This is not a small fighting force, if Lou Ye really want to go back on his word in the process of borrowing, by virtue of local advantages, and these horses, Yu Heng can also resist for a while, and he can go back on his words in Lou Ye’s moment to the big Yu for help, lips die teeth cold, big Yu will certainly make a move, so he is not stupid, this business is not a loss. Even once Lou Ye succeeded in attacking Dayu, Dayu was caught off guard, Yuheng will definitely fall to Lou Ye, when the two countries fight one country, and finally become, get more benefits! It’s not like Jin Sheng can come up with such a clever idea. Jin Yun also said with a sneer, “Ask a tiger for its skin, and don’t see if he has such a smart brain and appetite!” After saying that, he found that Gong Yimo was stripping the emperor’s clothes, and he hurried over, “What are you doing?” Gong Yimo gave a bad smile. “You’re right. I don’t believe Jin Sheng’s idea at this time. Besides, don’t you want this to happen?”? So, I’m doing some damage. Her eyes flashed a faint light, “really funny, I do not know the emperor of Yuheng was humiliated by Lou Ye’s Wang Ye, the two people behind this are still sitting still.” Chapter 182 of the main text is crazy. With these words, she took out a bottle from her hand and smiled wickedly. A potent aphrodisiac! Ever since the last time she was hit by this medicine, she was very curious, so she had it on her body, but she didn’t expect it to come in handy! As she stuffed the two people with medicine, she was afraid that one pill was not enough, so she stuffed another pill. He said in his mouth. Relieving your anger? These two shameless people are going to torture each other later! Jin Yun was speechless at her statement, which seemed to him to be extremely urgent and very serious, but she was not in a hurry, as if she were playing. After a while, you will pretend to be furious and run out. I guess it will take a while for the drug to break out. So if you go out now, it is equivalent to an alibi. If the emperor wants to punish you tomorrow, you will say that you came out on the orders of Rucha, and then you don’t know what happened to them. “What about you?” Jin Yun is not at ease, this play is too big, his heart is uneasy, but can not find any reason to refute. Gong Yimo looked coldly at the people on the bed and said with a faint smile, “I’ll sacrifice a little and wait for them to break out before I go, to make sure everything is safe!” Jin Yun is not at ease, and such a scene, is Gong Yimo a little girl can see? But Gong Yimo can not refuse to look at him, it seems to master everything calmly, is not allowed to drink. So Jin Yun had no choice but to leave. When Jin Yun left, Gong Yimo breathed a sigh of relief. Touching her chin, she calculated what was the best way to do it. Just let Lu Zha humiliated Jin Sheng, ha ha ha Gong Yi Mo laughed, such a degree is far from enough. She wants to make these two people never have a chance to cooperate. Medicine effect gradually upwelling, Gong Yimo looked at their faces a little bit red, become unbearable up. She smiled faintly,Grey Marble Slab, put a dagger under her pillow, and jumped onto the beam, hiding herself perfectly.


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