Rebirth: I am the master of my happiness

Fifty yuan was a large sum of money at that time. Although it was a formality, adults were really generous. Later, after the salary gradually increased, the annual New Year’s money gradually rose to one hundred, two hundred, three hundred and five hundred. You can imagine how sad they were when they paid for it, and it was normal to complain. Poor, although their family’s economic conditions are good, they have enough food and clothing, and spare money to cultivate their interests and hobbies, but they are still far from those who get rich first. Usually, whether grandparents, aunts or parents are all frugal. Have to think of a way to get money, they have been living too hard on dead wages, Chen Zhu lying in bed cranky, his previous life is not a business student, there is no economic mind, can only play tricks. In the early nineties, there was a key word that was stocks. When she thought about it, she felt her blood was boiling. Although she did not speculate in stocks in her previous life, Li Mingqing and his aunt and aunt were all deeply trapped investors, and the small director of the office also speculated in stocks all day long. When chatting, she also heard a lot of gossip. In 1990, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange were established,aluminium coated tubes, but at that time, the family seemed not to be affected by the stock market. Probably this year, more and more stories of overnight wealth in the stock market spread, and then the “810” incident happened, and then the stock price fell sharply. She shook her head, at this time the stock market is too immature, if rashly let the family into it, it is not safe. And stock selection is also very particular. In previous lives, my mother chose the wrong stock. When others rose,side impact beams, it still fell, so she was deeply trapped. With her poor knowledge of the stock market, where did she know how to speculate in stocks? But she still knew two bull stocks. This was what she heard in the office that year. One is “Shenzhen Development”, which was still more than six yuan a share in February 1996, and rose to 47 yuan a share in May 1997. There is also a “Chinese ship” which is even more exaggerated. In May 1998, it was more than seven yuan. In November 2003, it dropped to more than five yuan. Most people think that this stock is hopeless. As a result, in October 2007, it rose to 300 yuan a share. That’s an awesome thing. But it’s only 1992, four years before 1996, and the stock has been rejected for the time being. Apart from stocks, the only thing that made her rich overnight was lottery tickets. Thanks to her super memory, she remembered two sets of lottery numbers. One group, when they were in the fifth grade of primary school, took a walk with their parents to the lottery shop and bought a lottery ticket casually. At that time, they were also looking forward to winning a million prizes. They also carefully stayed in front of the TV to cash the prize, aluminium coated steel tube ,side impact door beams, but naturally they did not win. Another group is the 360 million that shocked the whole country, but these are also a few years later, these years are still not rich. She now has a special sense of urgency to make money, because she especially wants to learn the piano, but a piano costs more than 10,000 yuan, which is really astronomical for their family. Alas, I wish I had an economic mind. In the early 1990s, doing business was the most profitable. Unfortunately, there was no business talent in the whole family, and all of them had regular jobs. No one was willing to give up a stable job and go into business. Entangled ah, or write something to make money? She thought, but it seems that the contribution fee is not very high at this time. Several famous young writers in previous lives all stood out from the New Concept Composition Competition in 1999. After that, many famous new writers appeared at the beginning of the 21st century, and they also made a lot of money. If it is children’s literature such as small stories and compositions, it should be able to exchange some contribution fees, but certainly not a lot, far away from the piano. Write a popular novel in a previous life, I don’t know if it will be suitable for the current market, and which magazine or publishing house is better to choose? And she has to write a novel suitable for a child of her age. Otherwise, who will believe what a seven-year-old child writes about love? The Harry Potter series became her first choice for plagiarism. JK Rowling had the idea of writing Harry Potter in 1991, but it was not finished until 1997. If she had written Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1992, Rowling would have cried. Harry Potter is the most influential book for young adults. Children’s imaginations are always rich. If she writes it, people will not feel that it is not in line with her age, but it is a little out of line with the country. The British wrote about the British magician, and she, a Chinese, wrote about the British magic, which seemed to be somewhat incongruous, but if it was changed to what happened in China, it seemed to be somewhat incongruous. Should it be written as Xuanhuan Xiuzhen? But in the early nineties, it seemed that there was not much market for Xiuzhen novels, and they might even be regarded as feudal superstitions by adults and elders, and it seemed that they could not be changed. Forget it, go to the library to find some novel materials or something, and study the history of British witches. In the twinkling of an eye, it was May. After practicing calligraphy for nearly a year, it became more and more effective. Chen Zhu lay on the desktop and wrote a childish composition carefully. This was an article submitted to a primary school magazine. In the second half of the semester, she submitted more than 20 articles one after another. Almost every article was published, but the total contribution fee was only a few hundred yuan. In the eyes of parents, this is a very proud thing, the amount of money is not important, the key is honor, ah, although they are low-key people, but their daughter’s satisfaction can not be concealed. Our house may be divided in two months. During the meal, Chen Qi was in a good mood. “The new political commissar is very good.” “You mean Commissar Zhou?”? He was transferred from above. “Yes, the ability is not bad, the most important thing is to be a man, I heard that the relationship with the above leaders is good, not only our army, but also several heads in the city are in contact with him.” “His wife seems to be the son of a senior cadre.” “Well, it’s easy to have someone up there.” Chen Qi sighed. Chen Zhu stretched out his ears on one side. Commissar Zhou was not an ordinary person. Later,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, he had a good relationship with his father. Chen Qi did not have any backing and antenna in the officialdom. Commissar Zhou, who appreciated him, was the leader of their small group.


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