Raising animals to become imperial concubines (Jiuzhong Palace)

Add description for your Article Not far behind the imperial study is the imperial garden. So Xi Xizhi didn’t walk long before he saw a lot of purple and red. All kinds of precious flowers are blooming everywhere. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, every color is occupied. Many flowers are varieties that Xi Xizhi has never seen before. There are twenty or thirty kinds of peony flowers alone. Some are planted in flower beds, and some are planted in flowerpots. With a sudden plan in his mind, Xi Xizhi jumped into the pile of flowers. The old man’s gift is available. Courtesy is light and affection is heavy. I believe the old man won’t mind so much. The mink was so small that he plunged into the flowers and immediately lost his shadow. He was so anxious that the two ladies of the court turned round and round. The imperial garden was so big that it was not easy to find a mink the size of a palm. The palace maid was so anxious that she almost cried. What can they do if your Majesty blames them! — — — — Digression — — If you like it, please click on [Put on Bookshelf] This book is first published by this site, please do not reprint! Chapter 21 Precious Flowers, Hot Potatoes The maid of honor bent down in a panic and kept rummaging in the flowers. The branches and leaves in the imperial garden are interlaced, except for the corridor specially used for flower appreciation, in other places where flowers are dense, it is difficult to move at all. Each of the flowers here is extremely precious, and if any of them is damaged, the ladies of the court are waiting to be punished. Relying on his small size, Xi Xizhi jumped up and down in the flowers,cosmetic packaging wholesale, looking at this flower for a while and that flower for a while. Since it is to give the old man, those roses, peonies and other colorful flowers, certainly can not be sent. The white flowers are too quiet. I don’t know how long I ran in the flowers, but when Xi Xizhi remembered the two ladies behind him, he looked back and saw where their shadows were? But then he thought, it’s not too late to go out and meet them when he finds a flower that suits his heart. She did not disappear this time,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, an Honghan should not vent his anger on them. Seriously scurrying under the branches and leaves, Xi Xizhi’s little head looked up at 45 degrees. There were so many flowers in the imperial garden that Xi Xizhi couldn’t take them all in. He didn’t know which one to pick and give to the old man. After walking for half an hour, Xi Xizhi’s eyes suddenly brightened. On the stone table in front of the pavilion, there is a potted flower, which is most prominent against the background of various famous flowers. The cool breeze was blowing gently, and the green branches and leaves were shaking. Flowers are blooming, from stamens to petals, as if after a layer of transformation, gradually superimposed from light green to dark blue. Xi Xizhiguang could not move his eyes at a glance. This temperament is more suitable for the old man. Give it to the old man. It’s the best. The flowers she had just seen, compared with this pot, simply tarnished her eyes. First jump on the stone chair, then the hind legs a strength, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, Xi Xizhi effortlessly jumped on the stone table. Around the flowerpot several times, Xi Xizhi carefully examined the flowers, the more he looked at them, the more he liked them. There is only one flower in this pot. But it is that one that is unique enough to lead the crowd. After making the decision, Xi Xizhi did not hesitate to stretch out his claws and break off the branch. A beautiful blooming flower, under her merciless destruction, is separated from its own branches. Looking at the flower between the two paws with satisfaction, Xi Xizhi chirped with a smile. The blue plume flower was a token of love given by the late emperor to the mourning family. When he was looking for it, the late emperor took a lot of pains. After four years of waiting, it was not easy for it to blossom. “No, today the mourning family specially called you all to the imperial garden to have a look.” A slightly old voice sounded, and she said with a smile and a little pride. A few voices, like a wonderful bell, laughed and said, “Mother also wants us to open our eyes. It’s too late for us to be happy.” Xi Xizhi’s ears were sensitive to the conversations of several people in the distance, and he looked down at the flowers in his arms. Blue! Isn’t that what they call’blue feather flower ‘? In a panic, Xi Xizhi just wanted to run away, and the group of people stepped into the pavilion in an instant. Does God’s pure heart have a hard time with her? I’ve had a lot of bad luck recently, and I have bad luck every other day. The fat little white ball moved back quietly, and Xi Xizhi wanted to slip away as soon as no one noticed it. As soon as she touched the edge of the stone table, a woman exclaimed in surprise, “Isn’t that the cloud mink your majesty feeds?” When everyone heard this and looked over, Xi Xizhi’s body was so stiff that he could not move any more. What are you afraid of? What are you coming for. Two paws protected the flower and hid it behind his back. Her heart was particularly sad, and the delicate and beautiful flowers that had just made her elated had now become a hot potato. I really want to throw away the flower and destroy the body. It’s so lovely. No wonder your Majesty feeds it himself. The people who speak are all charming women. They are dressed in gorgeous costumes, and each of them has been carefully dressed up. As if they were comparing beauty, everyone’s face was covered with heavy makeup. After Xi Xizhi became a mink, his ears and nose became particularly sensitive. I couldn’t stand the smell of powder from their bodies, so I couldn’t help sneezing. Just as he was about to wipe his nose with his paw, he suddenly remembered what was behind him and kept that movement still. Several women gathered around it, and Xi Xizhi looked at them a few more times, which almost made her dizzy. They just came with their backs to the light, and the sun shone on the gold ornaments they had stuck in their hair buns, reflecting a strong light that almost burned Xi Xizhi’s eyes. These women are very outstanding in appearance. Although it is not a sinking fish and falling geese, it is also a beautiful country and city. They all had smiles on their cheeks, but Xi Xizhi knew that their smiles did not reach the bottom of their hearts. No matter how you look at it, this smile is always a little stiff. Too lovely, also do not know to ask your majesty to give this palace, your majesty is not willing to give up? Several women came up to the mink and bent over it, as if they were extremely interested in it. But what really interests them is Xi Xizhi? It’s an Honghan who feeds it. As long as they fight for the right to feed the mink,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, do you still worry that your majesty will not come to see them several times? Who doesn’t know that your majesty, for the sake of this mink, forgave the group of palace eunuchs who made mistakes and only drove them out of the palace. penghuangbottle.comfrom here.


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