Rain in the west



“Xinran, that’s right. You can’t look at the property of your Ji family. You can rest assured that I will help you like your father. I promise your father will take good care of you and your mother.” Chen Bingde is obviously in a good mood. “By the way, Xinran, have you discussed this matter with Changlun? What’s his opinion? I heard some people in the municipal government say that he has a very good relationship with the current Secretary Chen. He will definitely be promoted when he comes back from his temporary post. You know, we businessmen can’t stop dealing with government officials. With Changlun, many things are much easier to handle. Xinran felt a chill in her back. “Uncle De, I decide my own things.” In the evening, Xinran went to the bar she had been to last time, and this time she only asked for a glass of wine. The bar is still full of debauchery, happy is still happy, confused is still confused, life is always running according to its established trajectory, will not stay for a moment because of anyone. And her life would be different after tonight, gentle or ferocious, in short, it was her own choice. After drinking the wine in the glass, she left. She went back to her home, her and Changlun’s home, and she never came back after the night Changlun left. She parked the car in the garage. The car had just been washed. It was very clean. There was a silver light under the night light. Her fate with the car was over. She looked at the home carefully, from living in to now, so long, it seems so short. She went to the study and turned on the computer, which she used for the first time to write a divorce agreement. It was Uncle De’s words that reminded her that her father’s lesson was deep enough. She could not bring Changlun into it any more. She could not give him anything else, but she could always give him the original purpose of choosing this marriage. Leaving him might be the best choice. There was no complicated division of property between them, nor the ties of children, so the agreement was very simple. The printer slowly spit out the paper, and she felt as if her marriage had come to an end little by little. Their marriage always seemed to be separated by a fog. Although there were good and sweet moments, it was a pity that it was too short, just like the rainbow after the rain, which soon dispersed. The moment she signed her name, her tears could not help falling down. One drop happened to be on the name she signed. The black strokes were immediately blurred. She carefully applied it with a tissue. It always looked strange. From then on, I had nothing to do with this person. Lying on the bed, she held another pillow in her arms, which seemed to have the faint smell of shaving water on him. He is a clean person, his body is always fresh, and he never uses those men’s cosmetics. The only thing he uses is the gel water for shaving on the night of bathing. When she first got married, she was so curious that once she had to spray him, and his whole chin was covered with white bubbles. He was angry and funny. He looked in the mirror and said, “This is far from Christmas. Why are you so anxious to dress me up as Santa Claus?” In fact, when he smiles, face detection android , very good-looking, facial features are very soft, people have a kind of feeling that they want to be close, but this time is too little. She was almost a sleepless night, feeling the last night in this home, that kind of familiar breath, afraid to miss a minute and a second, the first ray of sunshine through the window, she knew she had to go, the last time to the balcony of those flowers and plants glue, how to do in the future, it depends on the topic of good fortune immediately, but no matter how strong the vitality, no one’s care. I’m afraid it won’t end well. The pair of katydids she bought did not survive the winter after all. She was very sad when they died. He advised her that this was the law of nature. They would not survive the winter. She would buy them next year. As a result, so many things happened in the second year, but there was no chance to buy them again. It’s all right. They must be more comfortable in nature than living here. She put the door and the car keys on the table, and finally took a look at the place called home where she had lived for more than a year. She deliberately ignored the feeling of reluctance in her heart. She closed the door. She took away her clothes. There were too many books. She only took what she liked. The rest, she did not care about. 56. After Changlun came back from the sea of clouds, a pile of documents had been piled up on his desk. He had not been here for a long time, and he was not very familiar with some situations. Before making a decision on many things, he had to go to the grass-roots level to investigate in person. For the appointed cadres, everyone had an idea that they had to go sooner or later. So in the impression, they always felt that they would not really lay down their bodies at work. But he did not want to give everyone the impression that this is a state-level poverty-stricken county, which is very backward in all aspects compared with those counties and cities in Yunhai. The people’s lives are not very rich, but the folkway is simple. He went down to the grass-roots level during the day and read documents, materials and relevant policies in the office at night. He stayed up in the middle of the night. His secretary was a young man who had just graduated. His surname was Qi, and his family was local. At first, he was a little stiff. After he became familiar with him, he saw that he had no airs and was very kind to people. That is to say, he was not so restrained. Occasionally, he joked with him. That day, while eating in the canteen, Xiaoqi sat close to a group of women. They were talking about Vice Mayor Du, who had just arrived. “People from above are different. How old do you think we can get to this position here? Those officials here are all potbellied. Look at them. Their temperament is like a movie star.” It was an elder sister of the Women’s Federation who said this. Yes, as soon as he came, he charmed all the little girls in our office compound. The other one whispered. Seeing Xiaoqi sitting there, the elder sister of the Women’s Federation waved to him, so he had to go over, “Hey, Xiaoqi, did Vice Mayor Du get married?” Little Qi is happy. “Sister Ji, you have nothing to do with whether they are married or not. Anyway, you are already married.” Sister Li patted him. “What are you talking about?” “Be careful that Sister Li doesn’t introduce you to someone!” Several others chimed in. With these women, he can’t always take advantage of them. All right, I’m afraid of you, but I don’t know about that. 。 hsdtouch.com


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