Qing Palace — — Biography of Concubine Wan



The wind swept in and blew open the Book of Songs placed on the case of Fulin, just turning to the page of Youmei: You Mei, in fact, Qi Xi. Beg my commoner. Ji Qi Ji Xi. You Mei, in fact, San Xi. Beg my common people, it is now. Plum, a basket of it. Beg my common people, it is called. Fulin read it slowly, and every word he read was like a knife cutting his heart. Four years later, when he read the poem again, he finally understood it,Inflatable water park factory, as clear as his original heart. Also understand their true heart! But late, everything is late, Qingru will not come back to him! Blood is like a spring that can’t be stopped. It kept spurting out, and drops of red blood dyed the whole Book of Songs red. And the poem “You Mei” is immersed in countless blood and tears. No matter what Fulin thinks. The next day, he followed the words left by Qingru before he died. “Yu Zhi” was removed from the list,inflatable water slide, the gold book was removed from the list, no matter inside or outside the palace, all records about her were removed, and her burial was not based on any rank of concubines, but cremation. No later generations would know that there was a concubine named Hesheli among the concubines of Emperor Shunzhi! On the sixth day of the first lunar month in the 18th year of the reign of Emperor Shunzhi, Fulin went to the Cining Palace and stayed there for a long time before he came out. Two days later, on the eighth day of the first lunar month in the 18th year of the reign of Emperor Shunzhi, the sad news came from the Palace of Heavenly Purity that Emperor Shun Zhi had died at the age of 24! The emperor left two testamentary edicts before he died! The first is about the imperial edict to pass on the throne to Xuanye, the third son of the emperor: Emperor Taizu and Emperor Taizong created the inheritance of the emperor, inflatable floating water park ,large inflatable water slide, which was very important. yuan Liangchu’s heir could not be empty for a long time. My son Xuanye was born to Tong’s concubine. He was eight years old. He was brilliant and brilliant. He inherited Zong Zong and made him the crown prince. That is to say, he obeyed the law and served for twenty-seven days. When he was released, he became. The ministers Soni, Suksaha, Zhabilong, and Oboi were appointed as the assistant ministers, and Yi and others were all honored as the old important ministers. I placed my trust in them with my heart. I encouraged them to be loyal to heaven, to protect the Lord Yi Chong, to assist in government affairs, and to inform China and foreign countries. Xian Shi heard about it. As for the second one, there are only four words: Zhenfei is buried as a martyr! On the eighth day of the first lunar month in the 18th year of the reign of Emperor Shunzhi, Concubine Zhen committed suicide and was buried according to Yizhao’s words! After Aisin Gioro Xuanye succeeded to the throne, he changed his name to Kangxi, and in the fourth year of Kangxi, he appointed Heshelifang, the granddaughter of Shoufu Soni, as empress. When the world thought that Emperor Shunzhi had died, Fulin appeared alone in Mount Wutai, holding a small cinerary casket in his hand. Looking at the temple not far away, Fulin smiled softly and held the cinerary casket quietly! Her life has been put down, but he has not, in that case, let him in front of the ancient Buddha, with its life! Qingru did not get the heart of Fulin before his death, but after his death, he got the memory of the emperor. Fortunately and unfortunately, there is no way to know! We only know that the love and hatred of the harem, which affected a whole Dynasty, finally came to an end with the death of Qingru and Fulin’s becoming a monk! The full text is over Written at the end After eleven months and twelve days,Inflatable meltdown, I finally wrote the full text of these three words. Here I solemnly say thank you to all the readers who read the article. Without your support, I could not insist on writing it down. You are all my best book friends. Thank you very much. Maybe everyone will think this ending is very sad and sad, but I think this ending is the most unforgettable and beautiful. joyshineinflatables.com


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