Qin Di _ Tang Jia San Shao _ txt Novel Paradise

Hai Shui nodded his head and said, “In those days, after I, Xiao Rou, and Sister Muzi lived in seclusion with Longbow, under the guidance of Longbow, we all made great progress in our cultivation. Perhaps you will be a little surprised. Before Longbow and Sister Muzi ascended to heaven, Sister Muzi and I both reached the realm of the Great Magic Teacher. I was the Great Magic Teacher of the Water System, while Sister Muzi was the Great Devil Teacher of the Dark Department.” Looking at the night cloud and the night rain because of surprise and wide open eyes, the sea can not help but smile, said: “Don’t be surprised, I said the truth.”. When Longbow and Sister Muzi ascended to the divine world, their power in the human world was no longer of any use. Therefore, they left behind the cultivation of their great magic teachers, and what they left behind is what I call the power of inheritance. When Longbow left, he told me and Xiao Rou, “Let’s leave these two powerful energies to the people who are predestined. As long as we can accept their energies, we will create another great magic teacher on the mainland.”. And after a hundred years of observation by Sho Rou and I,Narrow aisle rack, we agreed that you, the Night Elf King, have all the qualities that can be passed on. The light power of the longbow is not acceptable to you, but the pure dark elemental power of Sister Muzi is just right for you. We are here to give you the power of the dark element, and with this powerful energy, you can solve many things. Do you understand? After listening to the words of the sea, the night cloud could not help but be ecstatic in his heart. For him,heavy duty warehouse rack, strength is the most important thing. If he can reach the realm of the Great Magic Teacher, it will be easy to deal with everything. Without hypocritical refusal, the night cloud nodded solemnly. He bit the middle finger of his right hand and forced out a wisp of blood under the urging of the dark energy. The middle finger was even drawn, and the bright red symbol appeared in front of him. The night cloud sang in awe: “With the blood of the Elf King as a guide, I swear in the name of the King of the Night Elves, when I get the power of the dark inheritance given by the sea predecessors.” We must take the peace of the mainland as our own responsibility, never use this dark power easily, and never do anything against morality and conscience. If we violate this oath, heaven and earth will be destroyed. With a flash of red light, the symbol painted with blood disappeared. This blood oath of the Elf King is the heaviest oath of the Elves, and every word of the Night Cloud comes from the heart. The sea looked at him with a smile, nodded slightly and said, Drive in racking system ,radio shuttle racking, “Well, I trusted you.”. If you break your oath, you don’t have to be destroyed by heaven and earth, and Xiaorou and I will not let you go. Okay, we’re going to start now, elf. Please step back. The night rain nodded, looked at the night cloud with concern, and then flapped his wings back to a hundred meters away. She knew that if everything was really as the sea said, then the spring of the night elves would come. Sea beautiful eyes flow, slowly floating up, in the place of a foot from the ground to fix the figure, her hands in front of the chest knot a strange hand shape, sacred breath constantly emanated from her body, she lightly said: “Because the power of inheritance is too large, so it takes ninety-nine and eighty-one days to fully input energy into your body, in the process of inheritance, you must embrace yuan to one.” Do not have any distracting thoughts, relax yourself, do not try to resist the input of energy, let the power of nature drive it to work. Okay, here we go. Gentle water, condensed in the front, the eternal element of water! Please allow me to use your endless energy to defend the dignity of the water God and block all evil invasions. Forbidden 226; the guardian of the water God. Hearing the spell of the sea, the night cloud was startled. She actually used her own strength to launch the forbidden spell. It was so incredible that she could not help looking at the sea. A little blue awn lit up above the strange gesture of the sea. The range of the blue awn gradually expanded, and the light turned into a blue water lotus flower. The petals carved like blue crystals were so moving that it seemed that there were a few drops of crystal clear water on them. Suddenly, the blue awn was in full bloom, and the night clouds lost their vision for a short time. When he saw the scene in front of him again, there was a blue barrier around him and the sea. The sea smiled and said, “This water system’s ultimate defense magic can prevent all foreign demons from invading. Even low-level gods can’t break through. You can rest assured to accept the inheritance.”. Remember what I said before, and don’t think about it. The expression of the sea suddenly became very dignified, she waved her hands lightly, a space boundary quietly opened in front of her, she kept singing the spell that the night cloud could not hear, a little black light floated out of the space boundary. The sea held the tiny black awn in the center of his hands like a treasure. He looked at the sky with a sigh and murmured, “Sister Muzi, are you and Longbow all right in heaven?”? I’m going to pass on your dark power to the night elf king in front of me. Please bless him. The night cloud knew that the real inheritance was about to begin. Recalling the previous advice of the sea, he quickly absorbed his mind, relaxed his mind, and waited for the introduction of the power of inheritance. The night rain in the distance looked nervously at the night cloud and the sea water in midair. The palm of his hand was soaked with sweat. The transparent blue mask isolated all the perceptions of the outside world. Even the voice could not be transmitted into it. The night rain silently prayed for her sweetheart. She now only asked the night cloud to be safe, even if there was no improvement in strength. Suddenly, the eyes of the sea are shining,Warehouse storage racks, the black light in the hands suddenly shines, and the whole blue boundary is completely dark, so that the night rain can not see the situation inside at all. omracking.com


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