Pyrox Gas Heater Service

Just because Sydney’s mercury doesn’t drop to Siberian-esque temperatures during winter months doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure you’ve got the proper setup to keep you warm and snuggly. A blanket or doona can only do so much, especially in the very early hours of the morning, so to put your mind at ease that your heater will go the distance when you need it most, it’s a great idea to have it looked at by a professional well before the first wind chill of the year.

At Local Gas Heater Services Sydney, we will come to you and provide Pyrox service and repair. The team we have ready to come and assist you includes professional plumbers and refrigeration mechanics as well as electricians, all licensed and qualified to get the job done, whatever that job may be. In fact, we have the experience not just to repair or service your Pyrox unit but products from multiple brands including Vulcan and Bonaire just to name a couple. You’re in the most capable hands when you come to us.

If you smell gas take the following gas safety precautions:

Turn off the gas at the source. At the meter for natural gas or at the cylinders for LPG gas users, but only if safe to do so. Avoid contact with any visible gas cylinder leak, as the gas stream can cause cold burns. Keep people away from the affected area until the gas dissipates. Properly functioning gas appliances are quite safe.

If you experience any signs of carbon monoxide poisoning while operating your Pyrox gas heaters, you should stop using it until serviced by our gas fitters.

Local gas heater services Sydney offers emergency call out 24/7 on all your gas heater needs. Contact us immediately. Call us on 0466 043 307.


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