If you are buying or renting, finding yourself the most suitable property and being 100% confident in the decision is a tall order. Everyone knows that UK Top conveyancer finder house hunting is time consuming and stressful – wherever you are searching.

We trust stockbrokers to buy our shares and legal eagles to represent us in court, yet few people seek professional help for one of the most complex things of all – buying a home.

Increasingly those in the know are leaving it to a professional Property Finder, who oversee the entire process on the buyers behalf.

Property finders or property search agents provide a key service to homebuyers. They can help to identify the best areas to move to based on a wide range of criteria, from school appraisals, commuting distances to work and local amenities.

Property finders can also save you a considerable amount of hard earned money and save a significant amount of time. They have extensive local knowledge and key links to local estate agents and land agents.

They can save money as they are intimately aware of the current market trends and are able to negotiate aggressively as buyers who use a property search agent are often taken more seriously than traditional buyers.

A property search agent saves you time as they do all the hard work for you and pre-select a number of properties in the best locations. Property search agents can negotiate on your behalf, arrange surveys, and identify builders or craftsmen based on the survey results and work out budgets for you.

There is generally a sign up fee paid to the agent however this is normally deducted from the final sale price. Property agents only get paid if they deliver and it is usually on a percentage basis. Approximately 1% of the final sale price or 15% of the saving negotiated from the asking price is the norm. Therefore, the more they save from the asking price the more they are paid which is a great incentive to get the best deal possible for you.