President’s husband catches up with the door

Nian Xingchen immediately protested, “I slept with my brother. Sister Yiran, can you sleep alone?” Nian Xingchen has always been a straightforward girl. Shen Yiran immediately nodded, “no problem!” She was very happy, after all, she was not used to sleeping with other people, so the arrangement could not be more satisfactory. President Han said silently to one side: “The next door needs another bed.” Come to think of it, Su Zichen is happy, there are so many people to accompany him during his illness, it is the treatment of the king. Qin Huaichuan looked inside silently outside the door, he did not come in, and Fu Yueze’s family’s enmity ended, but with other people’s enmity is not easy to say. Qin Huaichuan saw more and more people around Su Zichen, he smiled with shame, so that he did not have to worry about Su Zichen, at least he is very happy now. In order to let Qin Huaichuan have the idea of continuing to live, President Han did not give Qin Huaichuan a 100% reply, no one knows when Su Zichen’s body will be completely recovered. But Qin Huaichuan has been unable to wait for Su Zichen to recover completely that day, he felt that his vitality is rapidly taken away, probably to the time when the oil lamp is exhausted. Qin Huaichuan left silently, just as he came silently, I’m afraid only President Han noticed that he had been here. I have a patient to see, so I’ll leave first. President Han said politely. Pulling the door open and walking out of the ward, President Han caught up with Qin Huaichuan. He helped Qin Huaichuan push the wheelchair and said to Qin Huaichuan, “Why don’t you go in?” “I’ll only disturb them if I go in. It’s better to look outside.” Qin Huaichuan smiled a little weakly. “Are you really going to give up?” President Han asked sadly. ” That’s good. Qin Huaichuan smiled, he has been relieved, in the world’s last concern can also be relieved to put down. Brother Qin, I listen to you. President Han is also relieved, and some things are better to let nature take its course. Later, half a month later, Qin Huaichuan was critically ill,radio shuttle racking, which made Su Zichen’s mood somewhat unstable. President Han has no other intention, every day in front of Qin Huaichuan, this life is so short ah! Hard to hold out for three days, Qin Huaichuan let go, he left everything to Su Zichen. On the day of Qin Huaichuan’s death, his empire collapsed, and no one could stop it. However, tragedies always happen one after another, Qin Huaichuan’s power is no longer, and the sanatorium has no shelter. Many days of quiet is about to be broken, this time even Luo Hen have rushed over, the Eagle Dome has predicted the approaching of the crisis. In order not to disturb Su Zichen recuperation, Su Xi and Fu Yueze decided to return to a city and entrust the children to President Han. Qin Ran and Nian Siyao also followed Su Xi and Fu Yueze, while Shen Qingling was left behind to accompany the children because he was familiar with this area. It is impossible to leave a group of children directly to President Han, who needs adults to take care of them, but in a month’s time, metal racking systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, the sanatorium has undergone earth-shaking changes. This time back to a city, no one knows what crisis in front of the ambush, Su Xi and Fu Yueze do not want to drag down the children, the face of the adults let them face. Originally Wei Fu did not want to point the finger at the group of children, her conscience, although trying to deal with Suxi, but other people she is willing to let go. Fu Yueze is just repeatedly implicated by Su Xi, Wei Fu has always been aimed at the Eagle Dome, Su Xi father and daughter, she does not want to hurt innocent people. Lin Xu will see everything in the eyes, the eagle had looked for him, said some words to him, let Lin Xu very contradictory, he did not know who to believe in the end. That time Lin Xu fell into the hands of the Eagle Dome, thought it was a narrow escape from death, did not expect that the Eagle Dome actually released him. After listening to the Eagle Dome for nearly two hours, Lin Xu felt that his whole world view had been subverted, and finally the Eagle Dome left him only one sentence. Right or wrong, black or white, you judge for yourself. Chapter 492 of the main text first met the father-in-law. Updated: 2016-06-07 17:02:43 Words: 3613 Chapter 492 first meeting the father-in-law. A city is still the same, round and round or back to a city, Su Xi looked at all this familiar, as if back to her mother’s home. “In fact, ignoring the bad weather in a city, a city is quite suitable for settling down.” Qin Ran looked at a city with his eyes, thinking about whether to consider settling down in a city in the future. Are you going to settle down in a city? “Nian Siyao asked curiously, unable to tell the truth from Qin Ran’s face.” I’m just saying. Qin ran a white look at Nian Siyao, and Nian Siyao really had no sense of humor. Outside the airport, Lu Jun personally came to pick them up, and the lengthened Lincoln was very eye-catching. No memory this time did not follow back, she has been in the dark, stay in the sanatorium as a killer mace is also good. Luo Hen came back with him, like a dutiful bodyguard, protecting the safety of Suxi and his party. Luo Hen is very silent all the way, this time back to a city is not like the last time. Internationally, the war between the Eagle and the enemy has begun, and the two sides will not stop until they die. This time, they are really serious. And the most unexpected is, a city of Wei Fu and Lin Xu is still the usual appearance, as if is a real businessman, to a city is just to make money. Luo Hen has been monitoring their every move in a city, but unfortunately there is no harvest. This period of time a city calm terrible, the calm before the storm, the air pressure is obviously low terrible, but the surface is so quiet. Eagle long dome can’t get out of a city, now can only rely on their own strength, this time the eagle long dome secretly told Luo Hen one thing. Since knowing this matter, Luo Hen instead is preoccupied, this time the eagle will bet on Lin Xu, if the consequences of defeat are unimaginable. However,industrial racking systems, the eagle has made countless bets in his life. He believes in his own judgment and is so confident that he has not prepared a plan B at all. Luo Hen don’t know where the confidence of the Eagle Dome comes from, no matter how to look at Lin Xu is the enemy side of the people, in the end Lin Xu can really lend a helping hand.


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