President, I’m addicted to kissing you

In the luxurious office, Qin Zimo is buried in knocking on the broadband computer in front of him, his eyebrows slightly frowning, his expression serious, even if he is sitting, he also exudes a charming breath, his broad shoulders with a safe breath, so that the soft language in the sofa can see some infatuation, unconsciously, the heart pounded wildly, and two red clouds jumped out of his white cheeks. It is particularly beautiful in the light. Qin Zimo did not look up, sexy lips pursed, full of magnetic voice sounded in the big office. Woman, why do you keep looking at me? “I’d like to see you if you’re handsome.” Yu Rou hugged the pillow, leaned back on the armrest of the sofa, looked lazy but beautiful, but the reclining posture just showed her wonderful body incisively and vividly. Qin Zimo’s handsome face smiled, had no intention of glancing up, but hurriedly shot his eyes at Yu Rou again, stroked his chin, smiled ambiguously, and said gently. Are you seducing me? “Ah..” Yu Rou sat up with a red face and covered his slender white legs with a pillow. “Boring!” “Zi Mo, I want to see Yang Yang.” Yu Rou threw the pillow and went to Qin Zimo’s side. Qin Zimo took her into his arms. His big palm immediately reached into her short skirt and gently rubbed it up. Since he picked up Yang Yang a few days ago, he sent him back to the villa in Yangmingshan. Now he lives with Grandpa. Although he has a housekeeper to take care of him, he doesn’t know if the little thing can adapt to it now. If I am not by your side, will you miss me like Yang Yang? Qin Zimo hooked Yu Rou’s chin, happily enjoying the charm of the woman in front of him,fake ficus tree, and asked with some fire. What is it? Yu Rou clasped the palm of her chin and beeped her red lips discontentedly. “Of course, husband and son have different feelings!” As soon as the voice fell, he was hugged tightly by Qin Zimo and poured into his warm arms. Qin Zimo’s kisses were overwhelming. He kissed her inexplicably and breathlessly. When he opened his big eyes, he saw the cool and handsome man in front of him with an excited smile, staring at her and whispering. Call me.. Yu Rou.. “Zi Mo.” Language soft stare big eyes, trembling call, but feel a pain in the chest, Qin Zimo’s big palm is hard to knead her, seems to be not satisfied with her answer, is not affectionate enough? Yu Rou tried to call out again,Faux cherry blossom tree, and Qin Zimo’s face immediately cooled down, glanced at her, and roared in a cold voice. That’s not it! “What is that?” Language soft ring Qin Zimo’s neck, sitting on his lap, some impatient shrug, Qin Zimo pinched her face, close to the hot breath on the language soft face, holding her lips, murmuring. You called me husband just now, and now you call me again! Yu Rou felt as if her face had been scalded by boiling water. She had been together for such a long time. It seemed that she had never called Zi Mo her husband, but the man in front of her, always shameless husband and wife, bowed his head and grabbed his skirt uneasily. Yu Rou did not know how to open her mouth. How to call her when she was not married? Qin Zimo frowned at the shy appearance of the woman in his arms, stirring up a thousand waves in his heart, and his tenderness came like water, biting gently on her earlobe. Hurry up, woman, or I’ll have you here! “People call it when they’re married, but I don’t!” Yu Rou stood up in a fit of pique and wanted to go, faux ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, but the overbearing man behind her, holding his slender waist, easily placed it on the big curved office desk, and squeezed her body into her legs. The evil smile made Yu Rou dumbfounded, suppressed her beating heart, and had to stammer. Husband “I didn’t hear you!” A man with a great figure, a man who is all-powerful in the business world, his handsome face immediately burst into a satisfied smile, bent down, pressed his soft lips, and said softly. “Lao ~ ~ Gong ~ ~” Yurou avoided his hot eyes, looked at the French window, shyly called, and Qin Zimo’s kiss fell like rain on Yurou’s face, more and more found that the woman was so easy to blush, hot face, kiss up, straight people’s mind ripples, and Yurou was angry, do not want to respond, originally, usually called very well, this man, suddenly like to be addicted. Let her keep screaming. It’s not natural for anyone. Really more and more do not understand this man, good work is not done, partial to play ambiguous in the office, but also afraid that others do not know, the president and the president’s wife are tired of the office every day, when no one can be found, Qin Zimo will bully Yu Rou in the bedroom, God knows how hard he works for Yang Yang’s little brother or sister.. [201] The most luxurious wedding While they were struggling and forcing, the carved office door was pushed open, and then a familiar voice was heard. “Mo, this is.” As soon as the speaker looked up, he saw a lady-killer preparing to throw down the little white rabbit, retreating fiercely, with an ambiguous smile on his face, but his eyes boldly scanned the body of Yu Rou and Qin Zimo and said. Sorry, sorry.. You go on, I don’t see anything! “Damn Wang Xuan, do you have to show up now?” Under Qin Zimo’s body, Yu Rou hurriedly covered the red face that was about to drip blood and slipped down the desk, embarrassed to sit on the comfortable sofa chair, bowed his head and kept silent. Qin Zimo coldly shot at the door that was about to be closed and shouted in a low voice. Get in here. “Oh..” Wang Xuan took the document with a smile and strode in quickly, not forgetting to wink at Yu Rou, teasing two sentences, “Oh.” Yurou, I didn’t mean it! “You are oversensitive!” Language soft see escape, simply take it, looked up at the handsome Wang Xuan, smiled back, straight Wang Xuan choked back, Qin Zimo also nest back to the big chair, one hand around the language soft, two people staring at Wang Xuan together, the eyes meaning is very clear, is to scold Wang Xuan thought dirty, obviously nothing to do, straight let Wang Xuan back in the cool breeze,artificial banyan trees, raise their hands to surrender, Handed the information to Qin Zimo’s front, said helplessly.


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