President, I want a divorce.

Mu Xizhi did not react. But the doctor walked quickly in her direction and slowly took off his mask. See, I’m still the dividing line of the third watch. When Gu Zekai came back, there was only one wall lamp in the huge hall, and Lin Midsummer disappeared. His heart was inexplicably nervous, and he walked quickly in the direction of the bedroom. There was no expression on his handsome face. His thin lips were tight, and the lines of his whole face were sharp and cold. He suddenly opened the door of the room, pulled open the sliding door of the wardrobe, and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the suitcase still lying quietly in the corner. Fortunately, Mrs. Gu was not ready to run away from home as soon as she got angry this time! He took off his suit jacket and threw it casually on the bed, but did not realize that something had rolled out of his pocket and landed under the bed. Without Mrs. Gu’s home, it seemed a little empty, Gu Zekai thought while untying the crystal button on his cuff, not knowing where she was? At the same time, Lin midsummer is watching yuan Muyang seriously help her nail polish on the nails, so he nodded slightly in front of her face, carefully with slender fingers holding the end of the handle to push away the smear, slightly pursed lips as if to complete a big case to look at. In fact, Lin midsummer nail shape is not very good-looking, a thin layer is still very soft,fine bubble diffuser, even go to the nail salon can not trim a very good-looking shape. Lin midsummer slowly thinking about what, there is a faint smell of nail polish in the air. Lin midsummer, do you have a nightmare? yuan Muyang, while painting, opened his mouth as if he were chatting with Lin Midsummer. Lin’s fingers trembled lightly in midsummer, wondering what the purpose of yuan Muyang’s question was. I have a nightmare. Every night I dream of a girl whose nails have been pulled out, but she is so stubborn that she doesn’t say a word. I remember her eyebrows and eyes very clearly. It hurts so much that even the cold sweat on her forehead rolls down,Rotating sludge scraper, but I have never forgotten the gesture of her eyes and eyebrows! Every day when I open my eyes, I can’t tell whether it’s a dream or a reality! yuan Muyang opened his mouth softly, blowing Lin Midsummer’s nails gently as he spoke, as if he wanted to make the nail polish dry quickly! Lin midsummer Wen Yan suddenly pulled his fingers back from yuan Muyang, with fear between the corners of his eyes and the tips of his eyebrows, and even his fingers trembled slowly. yuan Muyang’s words made her memory, which had been hidden in the depths of her memory for a long time, suddenly come back, and the sharp pain and bloody taste passed before her eyes like a replay. What are you talking about? I don’t understand! What a nightmare, what a torn nail, I think you are crazy to say such a thing! Lin midsummer hurriedly opened his mouth, the expression on his face had already lost the calm of the past, the red shawl fell on the floor, rotary vacuum disc filters ,Wall Penstocks, she did not even bend down to look, just quickly toward the direction of the door. Perhaps she was in such a hurry that she almost fell down. This time yuan Muyang did not stop Lin midsummer, but slowly tightened the nail polish, deep understanding of the fundus across a trace of tenderness, he knew that the color of the nail polish was suitable for Lin midsummer. It really is It’s beautiful! Lin midsummer fast walking in the dark, she tightly clenched her fingers, without the calm of the past, black hair with her rapid forward movement scattered behind her, like a black dahlia as beautiful. Don’t say it in the same way. Approaching the door, she stopped her steps. Lin looked down at his fingers in midsummer, and the nails on the tips of his fingers looked no longer as fragile and ugly as they used to be because of the nail polish painted with pearl powder. Snow-white shellfish teeth clenched her lower lip, she only felt cold, originally thought that the past had been forgotten, but yuan Muyang’s specious words just now completely broke her disguise. Those painful memories were so dark and painful that for so many years, even Lin Midsummer himself rejected the thought of holding the carved door railing at the door, and Lin Midsummer retched desperately. She seemed to smell the night filled with the smell of blood, rust-like scurrying into her breath, let Lin midsummer back to the nightmare! Nightmare! Yes! That word is nightmare! What is a nightmare that has been lingering for so many years?! 192 | Winter Solstice · 191 Who confuses fleeting time with deep love? “Why are you standing here?” Suddenly, Gu Zekai’s voice came into Lin Midsummer’s ears, like a sharp blade cutting through the dead silence, which made her wake up in an instant. Lin midsummer slowly raised his head and looked at the somewhat blurred face. Her pupils were scattered and had no focus, as if she were still in a dream, so she looked at the man in front of her quietly and sadly, her body trembling slightly. Gu Zekai was startled to see her like this, before he saw sugar sleeping quietly in the room but did not see the figure of Lin midsummer, he took a bath and then opened the door to the villa carved door side, but heard a burst of dry vomit. Listen to that voice like Lin midsummer, open the door to see did not expect to lie in the doorway of the person is her! “I’m fine.” Just for a moment, Lin Midsummer returned to his former appearance, as if the previous fear, worry, and sadness had never existed. Pushing away Gu Zekai’s outstretched hand, Lin Midsummer opened the distance between the two people invisibly, but perhaps running all the way and nervous tension, until now she felt that her legs were so weak. Gu Zekai’s black eyes were deep, and when his hand was pushed away, his throat seemed to be stuck by something for a moment, and he did not say anything. 13acv。 Seeing Lin midsummer holding his legs with his hands, he squatted down in front of her without thinking. Come on, I’ll carry you in. It’s still a long way from here to the door. Gu Zekai’s back through the thin casual shirt highlighted, Lin midsummer can not see the expression on his face, but can hear the low voice sounded. But she did not see any movement for a long time,Lamella Plate Settler, just holding the carved door bar slowly moving forward, snow-white slender fingers with pearl pink nail polish, from time to time.


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