Prehistoric meaning

Now the human race is very weak, let the sorcery people to bully the weak, they really think it is an insult to them, so the human race is very quiet exhibition, the construction of the altar is completed, which makes the human race very proud, but without any magic to complete the role of those monks do not admit that it can be completed. Song Zhen Zhenren and other big Luo Jinxian but step by step watching the human race to complete this huge altar, although they help the human race to cure painful diseases, but did not do a little bit on this altar, can better reflect the strength of the human race, the indomitable spirit also echoed in the hearts of these monks. On the second day after the completion of the altar, Sanzu led the human race to the altar slowly. Of course, Nu Wa and other gods are concerned about this unknown move and doubts, but they are still serious viewers. When the third ancestor of the human race climbed to the peak, the 3333 stone steps were full of human race, which was in accordance with the order of birth of the human race, not to mess up. On the sacrificial altar at the peak, the third ancestor followed the orders of Songzhen Zhenren. On the altar, there was only one Taoist character, which was erected in the middle of the altar. Then the three human beings worshipped the Taoist character three times at the same time, and then scattered to the three corners of the altar, and then worshipped the Taoist character. When the third worship, the altar above the wind and clouds surge,ball valve manufacturer, forming a black hole-like whirlpool in the middle, in the whirlpool there is a flash of lightning, this is not half of the lightning, this is Chen Rong’s chaotic infinite disillusionment mine, the kind of thunder, will be punished by chaotic thunder, and will also bear billions of fantasies, equivalent to billions of reincarnation, but also incomparably In this reincarnation,tube fitting manufacturer, once you are not careful, you will be destroyed by the chaotic thunder, and completely disappear in this prehistoric world, regardless of the level of your magic power realm. If you have no realm, you will be fascinated by fantasy and die; if you have no realm, you will directly be destroyed by the chaotic thunder. So the danger of this kind of thunder is very strong. Sanqing and others all went to the whirlpool one after another, but with a throb in their hearts, they immediately took it back. Even Nuwa was like this. This was the effect of Hongmeng Ziqi’s reminder. Of course, there are also some monks who do not have such opportunities and are lost in billions of fantasies, and then the primordial gods are destroyed by the chaotic thunder. After billions of years of penance, they will die in the end. This is the consequence of not knowing what they can do, and this is also the price they pay to challenge the strong. Nu Wa, San Qing and so on all felt the fall of those monks, and then they were afraid. These monks were basically the same as the strong ones of their time, so they fell. They were really sad for them, and they were glad for their own wisdom. Although Chen Rong knew these things on Penglai Island, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,38 tube fitting, he did not take care of them at all, but waited for Lingbao, who was about to be born. With the completion of Chen Rong’s refining, he opened the chaotic refining furnace from the Great Chaos, took out the treasures, looked at them, and felt satisfied. This chaotic refining furnace can only be used for refining, the biggest feature is that it can bring the refining magic weapon with chaotic attributes, and it is more likely to become a chaotic treasure again by chance one day, so it is still very precious. This Lingbao consumed almost half of the materials Chen Rong got in this chaotic domain, most of which were congenital materials, and some of which were originally chaotic materials, such as chaotic stone, chaotic spirit water, etc. To practice a whip, which is called a whip to teach the unworthy descendants of the human race in the future, no matter how powerful they are, as long as they are whipped by this whip. You will lose all your magic power immediately. If you don’t repent, you will never be able to turn over. Of course, there are other functions. Chen Rong looked and sent the whip into the whirlpool, then appeared in the whirlpool above the altar of the human race. When the third ancestor of the human race saw the whip, he knew that there was a treasure to send to the human race. He was so excited that the people of the Human race knelt down on the ground and looked at the magic whip, watching it slowly fall from the chaotic infinite disillusionment thunder, without being hurt by the thunder. This shows the power of Lingbao. The twenty-seventh chapter of the text is five hundred years. Those prehistoric gods all feel the power of this treasure, and they are very itchy, but they deeply know that this treasure is not available, otherwise it will offend the existence, but it also depends on whether you can subdue it in a short time, otherwise the consequences are obvious, since you can’t get it, you can only look at it. When the whip fell on the sacrificial altar, Chen Rongchuanyin and the three ancestors of the human race merged their own essence and blood into this treasure. After hearing Chen Rong’s voice, the third ancestor did it according to Chen Rong’s command. When the third ancestor of the human race melted their own blood on it, the trainer whipped out a ray of light and melted these rays into the blood of all the human races. The human race just felt a burst of dazzling, and did not sense anything. The third ancestor of the human race was more deeply aware of the power of this treasure. We can also know that this treasure can only be used by the human race in the future. People who are not honest in their minds can not use it. Moreover, they have to be disciplined by the whip in the depths of their souls every day. If they do not repent, they will be beyond redemption. After the third ancestor of the human race accepted this treasure, it was tantamount to bringing the human race to a better era, and at the same time, it could put an end to the life of human traitors. The Third Patriarch led the human tribe down the stone steps and prepared to build a human temple behind the altar to worship the treasure. Prehistoric gods also know that the sacrifice is over, but are still concerned about every move of the human race, so as to be in their favor, at the same time, their subordinates don’t go with the human race, even so, in the prehistoric beast is not now the human race can resist, so Chen Rong let Songzhen Zhenren and other big Luo Jinxian teach some of the art of cultivation and human race. Only in this way can the human race better display, only have enough strength to let the human race survive in this flood and famine, and these big Luo Jinxian is not always with the human race around, the scope is only in the altar radius of thousands of miles, to other places are not taken care of,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, let its own destruction, this is also a law of nature, can not be too violated.


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