Point of Sale Software

Running a store requires a range of skills and principles to aid towards the growth of the business. Single-handedly managing the overabundance of tasks efficiently is often a hassle and reduces the profitability of the overall sales. In such circumstances integrating an efficient POS management software can go a long way to ensure the unison of the operations. 

Cordis’ retail solutions system offers you a range of administrative management skills necessary to operate a retail store with minimum liability. The electronic point of sale offers a higher return on investment as compared to investing in other systems. 

The latest retail software goes beyond the credit card transaction, bar code scanning, and receipt generating processes and helps the retailers to incorporate POS features such as contactless payment, e-commerce integration, and several mobile features for communication, management, and analytical tools. 

The Cordis POS system takes control of several retail day-to-day tasks allowing you to focus better on strategies and customer relations. 

Now you can record and analyze sales data to create informed decisions based on the sales reporting. The feature of sales reporting offers accurate calculations and insights monthly, quarterly, annually, or as you require. It allows you to manage and track finance without any manual errors which means you will be spending less time rechecking your receipts. The feature allows you to seize any opportunity for business growth, 

POS software is best known for its inventory management accuracy. The feature allows you to manage the stock quantity and determine the frequency of reordering. Inventory management features also keep you in the loop concerning the most popular items sold by the store. The automatic data update on inventory reduces the financial loss on product stacking, 

Additionally, one of the most important features offered by the retail POS system

is the customer management. with the help of several built-in tools stay in touch with your customers and log purchases, and complain on an organised dashboard offered by the best POS system. This feature helps you build strong customer relationships by tracking the expectation, needs, & customers demand. Along with customers, with the point of sales system, you can also conquer employee management. 

The employee management feature is the ultimate tool for evaluating the performance and efficiency of your staff. With the software feature, you can track hours, sales, schedules, leaves, and shifts of the staff in one place. Access to employee management can be provided to one or more individuals instantly. One of the biggest benefits of employee management features is that it helps you understand whether there is an additional need for the staff members or not by accurately dividing the tasks among the team. Now easily track clock-ins and employee information at your fingertips. 

Point of sale software is designed to ensure the smooth running of the stores including keeping track of inventory, compiling monthly sales reports, and organizing day-to-day tasks. The focus of the POS system is to ensure time and labor efficiency supported by organized data and analytical reports.



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