The attendant nodded and said, “There is no teleportation array around Jiuyouyu. When I arrived at Jiuyouyu, almost all of them were superior gods.”. We, the lower gods, the middle gods. They are all born in Jiuyouyu. We are weak, so we can live in the city. Not that bad. The population of Jiuyouyu is not large, and the price of buying houses in the city is very low. Lin Lei also smiled. In the land of hell, the land of the underworld, the price of houses in that city is very valuable. But in the nine secluded areas, there are not even people in many remote places. Obviously, there are fewer people on each island. Naturally, the price of housing is cheap. There are few people, but there are many masters. This guy. The earth is indeed familiar with this city. Lin Lei dark sigh, this service personnel is taking Lin Lei two people, very familiar to drill the alley, along some remote shortcuts continue to move forward. Just a moment, then came to an ordinary courtyard in front of: “Here,plastic packing tube, this is it!” ” Lin Lei looked at the courtyard, which at first glance looked nothing special. Open the door The attendant immediately knocked on the door. Very soon. The gate opens. A strong man with silver hair came out. Glanced, especially to see the service staff then smiled: “So it is you boy.”. What’s going on? Help us bring the guests. “We need a piece of information about the eighty-one lords.” Lin Lei said. Gentlemen, please come in. The silver-haired strong man even said. The attendant immediately looked at Lin Lei two people, Lin Lei smiled, very casually took out five Zhanshi,cosmetic tube packaging, handed to the attendant. That attendant takes immediately: “Thank two adult, then I can go first.” “You make a lot of money.” The silver-haired man laughed and said, “Please.” Lin Lei and Beibei also entered the courtyard. There were more than a dozen people sitting in the courtyard. Three of them were the upper gods, and the others were the middle gods and even the lower gods. One of the red-haired youths stood up and greeted him with a smile. “Second brother,” said the silver-haired man, “they want information about the eighty-one lords.” “Yes.” Lin Lei nodded. Oh, do you want brief, detailed, or.. The most secret kind? Said the red-haired youth. Lin Lei was stunned. There are three levels of intelligence? “It seems that there must be a difference in price.” Beibei laughed. The red-haired young man nodded and said, “Of course, a simple one, ten thousand stones.”. Detailed, eye cream packaging tube ,pump tube, one hundred thousand stone. As for the most secret one. It takes a million stones. “Of course, you can also trade with ink stone,” said the silver-haired strong man next to him. Tell me the difference. Lin Lei said with interest. Ordinary, that is, eighty-one lords, each good at which kind of law. How many battles? How many victories. Where they live. Said the red-haired youth. Detailed. The eighty-one lords are good at the law. What tricks have they used. And whether they went to the plane battlefield. There are also the battles they fought in public, the descriptions of each battle, and so on. All of them! Said the red-haired youth with a smile. Beibei’s eyes lit up. Lin Lei also smiled. This is good! They even have the unique skills they have used, the rules they are good at and so on. The detailed description of each battle is really good enough. And the most secret? Lin Lei said curiously. The most secret, even the relatives and friends of the eighty-one lords, what they often do, what temper and so on. There are some records. Of course It’s too secretive to guarantee authenticity. In addition to these written materials, there are many floating shadows. They are the floating shadows recorded by many open battles of the eighty-one lords! Said the red-haired youth. Lin Lei and Bei Bei looked at each other. God, this is so detailed. Text materials with a large number of floating shadows, so that we can definitely have a clear understanding of those nine quiet lords. Beibei laughed and said, “We want the most secret one.” The red-haired youth, the silver-haired strong man and so on a group of people all laughed: “Good, we arrange the person to take one out.” One million ink stones is really nothing to Lin Lei. For red-haired young people, these information can be completely copied, and the cost is extremely low. They also know.. Many strong people will choose the most secret one. And for the strong, a million won’t care at all. These are all! The silver-haired strong man came out of the house, carrying a box with a large stack of written materials and a large number of crystal balls. Very good Lin Lei walked over and his eyes swept slightly. “Lianyan Territory, Lord Chiwei, lives in Lianyan Territory..” A line of words on the top piece of paper came into view, and Lin Lei nodded slightly. Okay, here’s a million black stones. Lin Lei handed over a large piece of Zhanshi. If you two still need to know other information about the Nine Realms, just come to us. We’ll give you a 10% discount for regular customers. The red-haired young man laughed. Lin Lei turned over his hand with a smile and put the whole box directly into the space ring. With this detailed information, we can fully determine who to deal with. Ps: Two chapters are a little over, sorry. First issue of www.SU SUcom, please enter the website manually to read Episode 19 Metamorphosis Chapter 4 Red Rock Lord Updated: March 30, 2009 20:07:58 Words in this chapter: 6444 Today’s first chapter! Flame bone collar, in a private room upstairs of a restaurant in the city. All right, don’t call you, you don’t have to come in. Lin Lei exhorted. Yes, sir. The waiter left the private room with a plate and closed the door. Boss, take out all the information and floating shadows quickly. Bei Bei Lian urged, this information to hand Lin Lei they have not seriously read, in fact,plastic laminated tube, there is no appropriate point to see, can not see it on the street. Don’t worry. Lin Lei smiled and his mind moved, and the big box appeared directly on the floor beside the table. Lin Lei moved two or three kinds of side dishes and drinks on the table to one side and put the thick stack of materials on the table. Many Beibei said and reached for the information.


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