Painted by a bone-painted woman

Zhao Qing shook his head: “I don’t know. Anyway, when I went in, there were only two of them.” With a sad look on his face. Ji Yunshu continued to ask, “Did you burn the body of Jiu’er?”? Or buried? “Buried.” “It’s good that the body is still there.” “Can you help me determine the cause of Jiu’s death?” “Half and half!” Half and half? Zhao Qing is unknown! “What does that mean?” Instead of being careless with him, Ji Yunshu said directly, “I’m not omnipotent. If I can be sure of anything, will there be any wrong cases or wrong things in this world?” Do you really think she’s a machine? Really when those cases are judgment questions, waiting for her machine to sweep can know right or wrong ah! Zhao Qing is a rough man, it is widely said that Mr. Ji is very clever, the missing case can be solved, “Linjing Case” can be investigated, simply omnipotent ah! “Since you say half and half,” he said, “how can you be sure that you can find out who the skeleton in the urn is and who the murderer is?” Ji Yunshu hesitated for a moment and looked at him. Do not hide the second master, a skeleton without a head, if you want to find out who, there is no accurate actuarial figures, no high-end advanced machines,cantilever racking system, just rely on my hands, rely on my eyes, it is very difficult. “You are really not afraid of death. You can even boast of such a place.” Even though his back was injured and his body would hurt as soon as he moved, Ji Yunshu still endured the pain and was amused by his words, and his body trembled slightly. “You’re wrong,” he said with a smile. “I’m afraid of death.” Her voice is mellow! Zhao Qing frowned and stared at her. Ji Yunshu explains: “If I do not say so,asrs warehouse, big master is afraid is to had killed me.” “You want to stall for time and wait for the King of Rong to save you?” Ji Yunshu shook his head and said, “My son killed so many people under his command. Although he was forced to do so, it was a human life after all. If my son came to save me, he would certainly bring the people of the government with him. When the time came, wouldn’t there be a river of blood again?”? When is the time for retribution? “If not, what are you going to do?” “As long as the master agrees to my terms, when I find out the truth of the skeleton in the urn, I will be able to solve the matter naturally.” Hmm? “Didn’t you say that the skeleton had no head and could not be found?” Zhao Qing was dizzy by her. Ji Yunshu said, “When did I say I couldn’t find out?”? It’s just that it’s hard, but it’s not impossible. “Every bone in the human body is related, whether it is the growth of the femur, or the width of the shoulder bone, 206 bones on the human body are closely related, shuttle rack system ,wire mesh decking, although there is no skull, but also according to the size of a person’s pelvis, to identify the approximate curvature of the skull mandible and the height of the forehead, as for other bones on the skull.” Of course, it can also be determined by other bone fragments on the skeleton, so that a person’s head can be integrated. What 206 bones? What pelvis? What a mess! Zhao Qing listened to these words in a muddled way, but the general meaning was understood. He said firmly, “Well, as long as you can find out, I will try my best to help you. Even if I use my bottle to make a deal, I will make Zhao Huai agree to your terms. But you must also agree. When this is over, you must help me find out the cause of Jiu’er’s death.” “Deal.” It’s very refreshing! One wants to leave here alive, the other wants to know the real cause of death of Jiu Er. Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. At this time! Zhao Qing took out a bottle of medicine from his chest, threw it on the haystack beside him, and rolled it onto Ji Yunshu’s robe. You’d better rub some medicine quickly. This medicine can guarantee that you won’t hurt. Otherwise, you will die. Who can I ask for help? Now I can’t get out, and Zhao Huai’s people are staring at me again. They can’t find a doctor for you. You can make do with this medicine. Ji Yunshu reached out and picked up the bottle and turned it around on his fingertips. Look! Then he opened it and put it on the tip of his nose to smell it. “Is this white warbler cream?” Chapter 361 one long and one short. Chapter 361 one long and one short. “Is this white warbler cream?” Zhao Qing was surprised! Q: How do you know that? This medicine was a folk prescription used by a miraculous doctor to exchange wine with my father, and my father passed it down to me. Folk prescription? Miraculous doctor? For a drink? Ji Yunshu hooked his lips and understood that Mo Ruo’s father’s bad habit of drinking was poured out by someone. More interestingly, the old village leader actually passed down the folk prescription as an heirloom! “What are you laughing at?” Zhao Qing asked. She shook her head. “Nothing.” Zhao Qing also did not say much, turned around and prepared to leave, suddenly footsteps a meal. Turned around and asked Ji Yunshu, “Do you believe Zhao Huai?” Huh? “Why do you ask?” “What if you find out the truth about the bones in the urn, and he finally breaks his promise and refuses to let you go?” Ji Yunshu thought for a moment, but finally did not speak. He just leaned back against the haystack and closed his eyes. Zhao Qing looked at her for a while, but did not get a response, then left. The door opened and was knocked on again. In the dark and damp woodshed, after Zhao Qing left for a while, Ji Yunshu’s pale lips slowly spit out a sentence. Zhao Qing, don’t you believe in Zhao Huai? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have asked me to investigate the cause of Jiu’s death. No one knows the charm of the words. Before long, the door of the woodshed opened again, and Wei Yi was pushed in directly by the small fish. Almost hit one of the big pillars inside! Ji Yunshu opened his eyes to look at him, then saw him holding a few steamed buns in his hands, sweating in, and when the door closed behind him, he sat down beside Ji Yunshu. Wei Yi, are you all right? She worried. Wei Yi shook his head! “I’m all right, Shuer. Look, I brought you steamed buns.” The two steamed buns were white and fat, but there were five paw prints on them. Wei Yi stuffed the steamed buns into Ji Yunshu’s hand. Crazy said: “Shuer you must be hungry,mobile racking systems, you eat quickly, still hot, eat quickly.” 。


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