Orion’s wife

Take the hare for example, except for two that are still alive, the rest are packed up and stretched with bamboo sticks. Of course, the weight is much lighter than when they are alive, but six rabbits plus one weigh almost ten catties. The same is true of the pheasant. In addition to tidying up, Zhan Yi temporarily grabbed a few males from the chicken coop, tied their wings with a straw rope, and threw them directly into the basket on his back. This thing can’t lay eggs anyway, and it eats a lot. Only one is left to crow and breed, and the rest are all sold. On the day of the rush, Yu Xiaoman took the initiative to carry the packed pheasants and rabbits on his back, leaving all the live game to Zhanyi. It’s not that she can’t carry it on her back. After taking good care of herself for a winter, just twenty catties of things are no problem. The key is that those live pheasants and hares, even if separated by a basket on her back, are so nervous that she simply throws them all to Zhan Yi. Zhan Yi did not care, in fact, at first he wanted to pack up and take it with him. It was a pity that the wild goat had hurt his leg and could not be led down the mountain at all, so he had to carry it on his shoulder. Carrying the weight of two hundred catties on his shoulder, Zhan Yi did not take it seriously at all. He took the straw rope directly and tied up the wild goat. The latter did not dare to make any resistance at all. He was frightened out of his courage. As for the living rabbits and pheasants, they were tied up with straw ropes and thrown into the basket on their backs, and the length of the ropes was specially widened so as not to be directly crushed to death by the wild goats. Because he did not intend to hunt on the road, Zhan Yi only took a machete. He made a simple scabbard with wild boar skin and tied it around his waist, so he didn’t have to occupy his hands. Compared with the fully armed Zhan Yi, Yu Xiaoman’s side is much lighter, she carried a basket on her back, but also a small bag of money. That money is not used to buy things, but to think that if you want change, you can’t do it without money. After selling the prey they brought,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, they could go to the market to buy things slowly. Before going out, Yu Xiaoman suddenly thought of this matter: “Zhan Lang, can we not bring a scale?” The first time she went to the market, they did not take the prey with them, so she did not know how Zhanyi sold the prey in the past. In the memory of the original body, there is a little impression, but at that time Zhan Yi was carrying prey to the village to sell, borrowing the name of Li Zheng’s family, and now they are going to the town, what should they do then? “Borrow from the restaurant.” On the one hand,push button toilet flush valve, it is easy to check whether there are omissions, and on the other hand, it is easy to answer casually. When he looked back and saw the 4th wife’s blank face, he explained, “The wild goat was sold directly to the restaurant.”. After selling it, I will borrow the following name from them and return it before they come back. They’re all acquaintances. It doesn’t matter. Now, Yu Xiaoman understood that those who dared to do business with Zhanyi in the past were not only the people who rushed to the scene, but also the restaurants in the town. On second thought, this is not incomprehensible, after all, there are not many Orion mountain people in this area, in the case of self-sufficiency, but also to spare prey to sell, that is even less. If the restaurant in the town wants to do business, it is natural to have a good relationship with Zhanyi. When everything was all right, Zhan Yi went out of the gate first. His hands were not empty. Naturally, Yu Xiaoman was responsible for closing the gate and tying it up with a straw rope. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just.. “Braised pork in brown sauce, it’s spring now, stainless steel toilet ,stainless steel squatting pan, you hurry back to your home, remember to come back when you don’t eat in winter!” Holding the braised pork in her arms, Yu Xiaoman said reluctantly, and when she closed the gate and went outside, she put the braised pork on the ground and looked at it hesitantly. Braised pork in brown sauce, with a confused face, first looked up at Yu Xiaoman, then turned to look at Zhan Yi, tried to take two steps forward, and then stopped again, completely at a loss. Zhan Yi wanted to kick it for a long time. Of course, he wouldn’t stand at the gate of the courtyard and wait for it to figure it out. He only opened his mouth and urged, “Man Niang, let’s just go. He can’t see us running.” Yu Xiaoman nodded, of course, she knew that Zhan Yi was right, after all, the fox itself is not suitable for the pet, spring is a good time to release. Therefore, even though there was more reluctance in my heart, I still lifted my legs to follow up. Only after a short walk, she turned back with some reluctance, but saw that the braised pork in brown sauce was still staring at her with big eyes. She could not help shouting: “You go, remember to come back in winter!” She walked to the corner of the path, and when she looked back again, the braised pork in brown sauce had disappeared. Hopefully, it can remember the way home. The author has something to say: The Internet was cut off, and I lost my full attendance at the beginning of the month. Readers who come from old articles should know the habits of stupid authors. I really don’t like the pets raised by the whole family. If you love it, don’t kill its nature, so it is set to be released to the mountain forest, of course, it will come back. Braised pork in brown sauce: I will definitely come back! Zhan Yi: _ Chapter 33. Chapter 03 3 In Yu Xiaoman’s opinion, the way down the mountain is more difficult than the last time, but much easier than imagined. The reason is simple, after all, winter has just passed, even if the snow has melted, the road is inevitably muddy and bumpy, especially after a spring rain in the first few days, the way down the mountain is more difficult. But at this time Yu Xiaoman is not just through that time, after a winter of careful recuperation, even if her body is not as good as the previous life, compared to the previous one is much better. This is not, from their own cave over two mountains, but also through a depression, she was slightly breathless, still have spare capacity. Zhan Yi was still a little worried about her at the beginning, after all, the last time she had only walked for less than two quarters of an hour, she was already exhausted. But this time he brought too many things, he thought, if not, he would first tie up the wild goats and find a small cave to put them in, wait for him to send his 4th wife to the village, and then come back. Never thought, watching an hour has passed, the 4th wife only slightly sweat between the forehead, cheeks on both sides are also a little red, there is no reaction to the side. Seemingly feeling Zhan Yi’s eyes, Yu Xiaoman took out an embroidered handkerchief and wiped the sweat beads on his forehead. He said with a smile,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, “This winter’s meat has not been eaten in vain. I don’t have much strength, but my feet are much faster.” As soon as this word came out, Zhan Yi was suddenly enlightened. cnkexin.com


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